Nemong District Medical Officer In order to help the villagers shoot, dead robbers were deliberately killed.

The district doctor gave a defense. View homeowners from mobile. Look through the CCTV camera that a thief entered the house. Go to the robbers, run into the garden and shoot. I shot the garden after 3 shots were robbed. Reportedly killed by intention.

On 27 August, Commander General Nopparat, deputy inspector of the Kamphaeng Saen police station, Nakhon Pathom province, was allegedly shot dead. The middle of the corn farm, Moo 12, Huai Phon Thong, Kamphaeng Saen.

On the stage of the unknown male body of 25-35 years old, dressed in a blue shirt with long sleeves. Wear black camouflage pants. The body lay on the face of the bloody mess. Dies in the middle of the rain It was shot with 11 mm guns in the middle of the box 1 shot, with a hat cover. Built-in document not found

In addition, the housing with casing of the gun was found with Mr. Prayuth Sangthong 45 years old at home 9 Moo 12, Huay Phon Thong, Kamphaeng Saen, Nakhon Pathom province. I'm not sure if this is the case. Waiting for surrender to the police.

Pol.Lt.Gen.Apnatchai reveals that there were two burglaries in the house by Mr. Thapon Thanaratchanchan Kamnan, Huay Phonthong, Kamphaeng Saen District, Nakhon Pathom province who was reported by telephone by Ms. Kanjana Thep Suwan. The owner of the house is 145 Moo 5, Huay Phon Thong, Kamphaeng Saen is a single storey house. A gated That while you are not at home Have the CCTV seen from the mobile. There are two villains in the house. Stealing And the bad guys cut off the cords of CCTV. The police officers of the district police, Huay Mong Thong and Mr. Prayuth came to arrest the two villains.

While they seem to be arrested, two villains fled from the house of the 400-meter-long scene, a man was shot by an 11-mm gun fired by three officers led by Prayuth Sangtong and his followers. A shot with a shot of 11 mm to protect the three shots shot in the back of the villain, shot once. The villain was another man who came with the dead. And run together. I fell down and grabbed a gun in the hands of the dead. Then run across the canal to the house at No. 73 Moo 4, Huay Phon Thong, Kamphaeng Saen, Thailand. Mrs. Vai Xieng gai, 37 years old, was sitting opposite the house. When the bad guy took a gun to chew Mr. Kuang spirit straight age 45 years, the man to ask for a Honda Wave Blue-black car registration 1, 4419 Nakhon Pathom with the said. "First lend a car" and drive to escape to Huai Kanok, Kanchanaburi.

Pol .. The. Supachai honor. Added that Previously, the house had been stolen four times, but the Prime Minister accused Mr. Prayuth Sangthong of intentional murder. And to speed up the imprisonment of the bad guy. To continue

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