Ng! Meet 1 of 10 rare fungi & # 39; rare earth 2 & # 39; that reveals the former mayor's house

Ng! Found 1 in 10 & # 39; rare mushrooms & # 39; rare 2nd place in the world, appeared former mayor's house

On September 1, the Asian Foundry No. 246 Moo 4, Ban Khai, Muang District, Khon Kaen an erratic shape like an octopus. Rises of pots planted in the rose garden. Smelly to the area. Jeerawat Udomvadharn, 48 years old, former mayor, The Asian Foundry says that every morning they have to water the roses and honeysuckle. Planted daily in the garden.

The Rare Mushroom 2 of the World
Squid mushroom

But on August 28, they felt that the smell smells a smell that stinks from the base of the roses. Found objects that look like eggs oval from the finger, later on August 29, began to smell more and more flies. Look at the basis of the rose. Eggs burst like squid tentacles.

The Rare Mushroom 2 of the World
Stink to island fly

Mr. Jeerawat said that they had produced the strange mushroom that the family and the workers had to tell. Bring candles to the sanctuary. When the story spread to the villagers near the factory. You see the fungus with strange candles and candles for good luck. But with curiosity what kind of mushroom. Searching for information on the internet is well known. "Squid Mushroom", one of the 10 mushrooms of the world's rare and rare mushrooms.

The Rare Mushroom 2 of the World
Welcome, guest.
The Rare Mushroom 2 of the World
Let's shine

Mr. Jeerawat said that personally is a philanthropist. By donating coffins to poor people, it is already remembered. Make the past successful at work. Made to order rice mulberry. From the operators together. Moreover, the trial has been going on for years in court. The court decided to win the case. The housewife has been contacted for the lottery since the beginning of 61 years to see the building.
During this period the villagers took the number to buy a lottery ticket.

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