Northeast Tobacco Dealer says Eastgate has reduced the tax on gold cards – innnews

The 30 Thai Tobacco Networkers, led by Mr. Kris Pha Thong, president of the Chiang Mai Cultivation and Tobacco Dealers Association, filed a letter with the Ombudsman (5th floor), Building B, Government Center. Chaeng

Krit said they were opposed to the case in which the Ministry of Health made a contribution to support the provision of public health services in the public health system. The simple tax "golden card 2 baht", which will be collected from two cigarettes per pack of 2 baht will contribute to the smoking industry will be even more depressing.

At the moment, the price of 60 baht per package is taxed at 20%, plus 2 baht, and the cigarettes will be 40%, causing the tobacco growers to suffer more. Because the price of cigarettes will be more than 90 baht per pack, the smoker will smoke outside. I go to the Thai cigarette to make it worse.

In the meantime, Songkran Phakdee Chitra, president of the Tobacco Tobacco Association of Phetchabun, said that they were in a precarious situation as a tobacco farmer. Nobody is going to help. I hope the government or political parties. I can not depend on it. Today I must stand up against this lawless righteousness. Because they certainly do not let anyone ruin our career.

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