Nursing home is worse! & # 39; Endurance Doctor & # 39; Won Environmental Supervisor

& # 39; Dr. Enditious & # 39; opens the heart of the house Khon Kaen University doctors help the environment. Nursing homes revealed The nurse is worse than this.

On August 21, 61, Dr. Thitima Chandra, surgeon, cardiothoracic and thoracic surgeon Sirikit Heart Center and Srinagarind Hospital Khon Kaen University revealed that the case is said that the medical house is a haunted house and the condition of the house has expired. To let a house live. As a doctor in the hospital, I feel happy, proud and happy.

Living in a medical home. Maintaining and improving parts. In the house is the duty of the residents because the board has no budget. Who must accept the truth. And they repair themselves to be a complete house. The total amount of 300,000 baht and it has lived since the year 2556 to the story of theft at home and picked up a surgical pair.

The house is not perfect, the management said it is ready to live. The condition is that the nest are not nest-termite mice that repair, it is repaired. The house is very proud. While the environment around the house. The tree is covered with grass, but with the burglary in the house. I immediately started thinking about the safety of my life. I have moved to another place.

"I am a doctor, and many people have the opportunity to speak and comment, and management needs better care for the quality of the nursing staff, such as nursing assistant Some homes are poorly maintained and the environment is Do not say that the house is ready, but do not want the supervisor to clarify and say the truth, just like the media say the budget is real or not.If it is true, caution should be exercised in the organization It is a person who works in his or her duty to have a good and safe life and property. "

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