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In the case of Ms. Wichaorn Pokanan, the wife of "Sam", Lieutenant General Saman Kunan previously revealed to a news agency. They are not invited to work. United as one Organized by the government to thank staff and staff for helping the 13 wild boar club in Chiang Rai on 6 September in Dusit Palace.

Sam & # 39; s wife revealed that she had not been invited to join. Sam & # 39; s brother Sam helped check the list. I am invited to participate or to say that if no name has any regrets because Sergeant Sam is not the only hero in the royal cave. More than 8,000 officers are also heroes. And this is representative of Sergeant Sam in this case.

Most recently, the Spring News team contacted Ms. Wanlaphone by telephone and confirmed it. The staff contacted MrsWaliphon to attend the event. At the end of today (September 5), Mrs. Valporn will travel to the party tomorrow afternoon. With the team of the company AOT is not responsible for any misrepresentation. Or can be left at the coordinator.

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