On Power Pipe Path: unlock, change the rules, walk ahead on the route map.

This is the situation after the election, Mr. Tawan Sennei, former deputy leader of the Democratic Party and the leader of the EAPP, told the political news team. There is a high chance of a conflict.

Must have a mechanism for monitoring government administration. In particular, the function of the opposition. Take a party in Thailand. This is no guarantee that the country is in conflict. It can also progress to reform the country.

After 5 years we are still muddy. Could not reform The inequality between the more distance. decentralization reduced The rest of what has been done is getting along. Do not wait until the election is complete.

The easiest way to start reforming is to continue and make a fine first vote. Do not distort the constitutional intention. Changed the nomination of candidates for election. First proposed to the party management board. If you are still using department 44, do not listen to the results of the referendum with more than 16 million votes via the constitution.

"I want to warn a big fake." (Gen. Prayut Chancharoenchai, Prime Minister and Head of the National Peace Corps.) The President of the Constitutional Commission, NIA (National Legislative Assembly), said that if he were asked to primate, he would vote .

Let us continue in accordance with the spirit of the constitution. The society wants to have a good marathon. To protect the capitalist or the influential party. Everyone who is registered is not a representative of the people in the area. "

The political scene on the other side. Both are open to party conventions. Receive more subscribers. Contact us Change the rules of the party to select the party leader and party management committee. This step agrees with this. This means that all parties can carry out political activities through this framework. Equal to all parties. Nobody has the advantage.

If you are open to political meetings. According to the requirements of some groups, some parties This does not match. It is known that there are still people who cause turbulence and come out. According to the brain behind.

If the party has its own election, it will not lose government. The conditions of the constitution. This election will use the allocation system. Every vote will not leave.

And the conditions of the suction power of the three. Mr. Somsak Thepsutin, Mr. Suriya Jungrungruangkit is the leader of both political intelligence. I believe this group does not join the People Power Party. The new MP has only 40-50 MPs the power to negotiate.

Democrat party MPs rising in the east I am not sure if this is the case. He announced that he would not give up. If there is no luck, the other person must be unhappy. Because he is intelligent. I know that these elections are lost or not by the government. So welcome the new prospects to get points.

I do not agree with Prime Minister Thavorn's suggestion that the Krungthai and NIA thaw after the complaints of some political parties. Making unaffordable votes

If it is difficult, stop the party. When the party and party members. Why did not Marry vote? If the time constraints were to expire, it would take another 1-2 months to start political reforms. Give the real power of the party members.

When people are real party owners. Democracy and people's participation will happen. That day the golden sky will come, the beautiful people will be in the country.

Do not allow capitalist or influential persons in the party to be authorized. Can be turned left. The park will offer a multitude of people. Call for political reform before the elections. So far, 27 have been murdered, more than 800 have been imprisoned and 3 have become widows. 10 orphans

Let's therefore let Primarine vote according to the intention of the Constitution. Otherwise it is seen as a political reformer who does not want to destroy the constitutional referendum. And the invasion of the mass.

If I do not agree with it, I fight through a warm public presentation. I'm not going out in the middle of the road. There are more than 20 lawsuits and know that KBC is important for the future. I do not want to be elected or postponed.
Go away

Why do not you ask to open the political demonstration for more than 5 people, Mr. Thaworn said the assumption is open to the rally. Open political reason. People who do not hope to tell the beginning to cause turbulence. To entrust an error to a party. The nation will deteriorate. I do not know what to do.

Why do not you watch the Democratic Party? I'm not sure if this is the case. I am sure that the elections will be a coalition government. To push reforms or policies that people want to practice.

How can we be sure that we will be a coalition government? Mr. Thaworn said the administration and legislation in the House of Representatives without problems. The government must be stable. The Democratic Party gets 159 MPs plus 20 of the last elections. If you join the government, it will stabilize the government.

I do not know what to do. Mr. Thaworn said that I meant "energetic group" who invited us to join as a man of smell. We do not rush.

Do not look at politics 3 Theoretical ideology in democracy Let us look at the ideals of national survival. Follow the negotiation process. Or look at the national patriots. Some stories are about to swallow some blood for the country.

The government is now on the principle of nationality, since the permanent president said that the correct view of the ideology and interests of the country is made.

The political news is that Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva, leader of the Democratic Party, was noted by "Powerful Groups" that make the establishment of the government more difficult. But choosing a new party executive committee The name is Abhisit. Become the party leader again. Mr. Thavorn said that Mr. Apisit had announced it publicly. The primary election of the party is open to voters. To be a member of the party as a real one.

This is a great opportunity for everyone in the party to trust. No one will stand up as a party leader. In fact, it is very difficult to become prime minister.

Because of the new rules and the suction power. And the political network that has been formed today is based on the principles of the class, to write the law for the benefit of the class. He still thinks that security problems exist. Then write a new line to the powerpipe. I'm not sure what to say. Do not let any political leader become prime minister.

It is important that he looks at that. The Democratic Party and the Thai Party do not cooperate. A weak point now makes it easy for parties to come to power.

Prime Minister opens Democrats Vote Mr. Thaworn also joined Mr. Suthep Thaugsuban, The Democratic Party, through the selection of the new party executive committee, saying that people have the right to think like that.

Because we are ideological friends. There is a very high brotherhood. Risk of death together. But some do not. And do not think Will the party affect the leader of the party? Because members use their own free will, Primarly chooses a party leader, making the selection of the executive committee of the party the most charismatic in Thai democracy. Another party does not dare

All politics today follows the new rules. To tighten up the political space, Mr. Thaworn said that …

… really locked There will be no party with a final vote.

Do not let the leader of a political party become a prime minister.

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