Open it! The last thing about the cameraprof, what is Koh Tao? Everyone wants us to see it!

Koh Tao

Open it! The last thing of the camera pro what is Koh Tao turtles want everyone to see.

On September 17, the reporter reported that Surat Thani City. The investigating officer questioned Mrs. Samprasit Chanin or Honey Wife and Mr. Saha Phoomsakulchua, 73, the father of Koh Tao Mr.Patcharapon Ekpatsom, a 48-year-old businessman, owns a diving school, beach bar and restaurant at Chalok Baan Kao, Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, Surat Thani. Living on the fly, ordered to leave and use firearms shot himself dead. At Ban Mae Moh 3, Makham Tia District, Surat Thani This is an interview to complete the death penalty of Mr. Pattarapol.

Report an inappropriate content Save this message As Mr Patcharee I write on the paper in front of the handwriting on the paper that is on the base of the camera. View the last two clipclips on the camera and then see the first clip on the card, it looks like the path that has been locked with the code from Mr. Pattarapol no one can open it. The video card in the pro. It is a photo of Mr. Pattarapon who drives motorbikes at various locations. And the image that Mr. Phatharapol saved the speech about the disease is two times a bone fracture over the surgical nerve to worry about how the future will be. In the clip has no. Or allusion to it

Both sides are not attracted. I do not see the clip and Miss will stop talking about it. Major General Apichart

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