Open Properties Teaching people I have to resign. Are you calling?

Open the property to see clearly. Candidates for the course. Must repair the cork, according to the battle of Pong Charasri, the former Deputy Minister of Agriculture and cooperatives to Thailand.

In the case of Mr. Yuthapong Charasathien, the former Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, the Thai Prime Minister, Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, the leader of the Thai Pride Party, has answered four questions clearly. Clause 2. Mr. Guin To study the curriculum of the Constitutional Court, class 6 (PT.6) is considered a duplicate of the curriculum. Because of the application. Do not have to repeat the course. And both courses use the state budget and taxes of the people, and Article 4. Call on Mr. Angine to leave the course of the Journal because of the elegance. It is a party leader. The politicians and the government have already set the election date on 24 February 62, which should help the campaign party believe that there is no course time. It is not appropriate that Diane follow the course. During the election day. Let's leave.

In this case, Mr. Supachai Chaiyasut, spokesperson for the Thai Pride Party With the news about the online news. I think Mr. Yuthapong. I just want to be news. The fact is, it does not see where it is missing. Yuthapong is only a small politician. Mr. Diaries Pride Party Leader I do not go out to react again.

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