Open the bridge "The villagers" request do not invite the governor – the sheriff. No explanation after 2 years.

On August 26th, Mr. Chanchai Tansuang, a former member of the Tambon Administration Organization (TAO), Bantharam Village, Ban Pa Rong, Bang Saphan District, Prachuapkhirikhan Province, revealed that after the villagers had their hands, they had more than 30,000 baht donated. The coconut palms were processed from villagers in the neighborhood. To build a 40 meter long suspension bridge over the Thong Canal. Home The construction is completed as planned. The replacement of the bridge of reinforced concrete that was damaged by the massive flooding in January 2560, but the government has not yet received a budget of 15 million baht to build a new one. The villagers have been traveling almost two years ago, so they decided to build a suspension bridge together until the government could build a new bridge.

"After construction, confirm that the bridge is strong, only people are crossed, we do not permit the use of vehicles. It will not invite the governor or sheriff to open the bridge, as some of them suggest. Because villagers do not want conflict. It has been announced through social networks that visitors and tourists can travel to Celly or take a photo to commemorate. The villagers painted it to be beautiful. The bridge was built by the first public in Bang Saphan, "said Mr. Chan.

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