Open the state of officials 5. Haunted career ruined the beautiful!

The image of teachers, soldiers, railway and parliamentary assistants, teachers, doctors, the Khon Kaen hospital as a result. If damaged. And repair …

In case of sharing And criticism of the Khon Kaen University hospital with decay, decay, break everywhere. At the moment there are many government officials who have to live in a bureaucratic house close to home in the neighborhood. Because the house. It is close to the workplace and there are no costs for rent. But at the same time. It also has a government housing is pretty good. And brand new in Thailand.

As a result of the current criticism of the state of the home of the doctor Assoc.Prof.Dr.Taratham Rojana, vice dean for finance, procurement and human resources. There are 400 houses in the medical center of the village. But it is an improvement in the general construction. Even dorms On campus The budget is 60 million baht if it is damaged, it can be used immediately. It must be checked whether it is the responsibility of the self or the faculty to comply with the regulations of the university.

The news team on the Thairath Online. Take this photo of the house of teachers, soldiers, police, railway employees. And the parliament for the reader.

– Teacher at home –

– Military service On commission –

– House of a non-officer's officer –

– Police Home Office –

– Accommodation for train staff –

– Government building –

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