Open to visit Win a lottery ticket at Khon Kaen. Is there a way to do it?

Open the register to visit Win the Lottery Lottery on Khon Kaen at 11.00 (Sept. 1), the lottery around the Northeast to win thousands. I do not know what to do. Catcher – fine – really I sold the lottery.

Reporters reported at 1:30 am on September 1, 2018. In the Auditorium of the Khon Kaen Provincial government organization This is the place where the lottery and the province ask for the essence. On September 1, 2018, police officers from the Khon Kaen Provincial Police and Oppression Division Including officials from the Government Lottery Office. Accelerated preparation of the location for the lottery that will take place tomorrow (1 sep)

There will also be room for 300 spectators and around 200 spectators.In addition, staff from the provincial electricity authority and TOT Co., Electric and car control system, telephone and internet. Coordinate with the personnel responsible for the lottery. To prepare the steps in order. In total

Meanwhile, Mr. Somsak Jungtrakul, Khon Kaen Governor, along with Mrs. Poom Thong Mook Sikirat, acting director of the Government Lottery Touch involved in the community with the bathroom. Provide sports equipment and lunch for school children. The school is open to the underprivileged. More than 200 children with disabilities and special children.

Mr. Somsak Kuncharugul, Khon Kaen governor, said the coordination with the Government Lottery Office Or we called the lottery complete and complete in the overall. In terms of location and preparation for the lottery planned for September 1, everything is fine. Give a place. Service delivery system Processing and display Including security. All are in accordance with international standards and in accordance with the rules of the lottery as a whole, the people who will come to witness or share the witness. Bring your ID card to register for a seat. There are 300 people in the auditorium and the environment has seats and live broadcasts, which can accommodate up to 200 people. The news is expected that on the day of the lottery tomorrow will be attended by at least 1,000 people.

The lottery is issued four times a year and is called once a quarter to turn the province into the lottery. In combination with the province in the mobile medical unit. To preserve Buddhism. Organizing activities with the community and offering sports equipment is a great activity to work on together. In the lottery of tomorrow it is confirmed that everything is transparent, because the rules of the lottery are clear and the rules are mandatory today, the preparation of the place is complete. Only the steps of installing a dial-up device, which must be provided by the police, the oppression division and the lottery personnel. It will be installed tomorrow and the start of the lottery starts at 12.00 "

Mr. Somsak said that. Do not worry about lottery tickets or non-transparent transactions. Provinces and lotteries confirm in a systematic work process that is verifiable. The news happens. The songs are remarkable enough for the game, especially the car from the position of the Khon Kaen 168 and 191 was swept to the panel today. And where did the governor ride? The villagers will ask to take photos and ask for the number that will be issued in this period. There are not enough numbers related to the province, either telephone code 043, zip code 40000 or even their own age or date of birth. Was taken to the lottery. This is a personal privilege that everyone has the hope and wants to receive a big prize when the lottery office has traveled back north to the north. I do not know what to do. To check and control the traders. It is expected that in the morning there will be a slalom area full of prizes. If it is determined that the lottery has been overpaid, it must be immediately arrested and prosecuted.

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