Open your thoughts for the doctor after the operation. Like a haunted house

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Open your thoughts for the doctor after the operation. As a haunted house I am proud to be at home. Must give more than this. Because the condition is not solved. I have to repair myself more than three hundred thousand.

From the world of social sharing, Dr. Thitiphan Mekhong, a cardiothoracic surgeon at Queen Sirikit Heart Center The Srinakarin hospital, Khon Kaen, which is in a state of decay. The forest is at home. Recently the bad guy recently stole his surgical goggles to get out of the house for safety, after which Dr. Thitik also came out. After the interview, the managers gave no information. The house is dilapidated in the house already has a termite mite to pay the repair costs to hundreds of thousands of baht, both ceramic tiles, pipes, water, doors, etc. The pipe is also cracked repair.

Last updated on August 21 at the general surgery faculty. Dr. Thitin said the truth is to come home and live. As a doctor in the hospital, I am proud, proud and happy. But living in the house of a doctor, the maintenance of the different parts. In the house is the duty of the residents because the board has no budget.

Who must accept the truth. And repair it yourself. Be a complete house. The internal repair is worth 300,000 baht and has lived since the year 2556 until the cause of the crime stole optical surgery. And the value of the property.

"The condition is that the nest-nest termite mice that repair it need to repair it The house is in the landscape, while the area around the house is overgrown with leaves and grass, but when a criminal attacked to steal, I started after thinking about safety in my life and property, and I decided to move, "said Dr. Thitik.

Dr. Thitik said that many people have the opportunity to speak and express their opinion to management as a representative of doctors and staff. Care must be taken to ensure the welfare of the nurses. Some houses are poorly maintained and the environment is poor. Should care more than ever. Do not say that the house is ready, but not really.

I want the manager to clarify and speak the truth. The media there that are real or not. If true, caution should be exercised in the organization. This is a person who is responsible for the welfare and safety of life and property.

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