Open your thoughts for the money of Dr. Thitik. Repairing old house shabby.

"Dr. Thitin" was a stolen surgical eye surgery heart after the Rama. Pay for the repair

In the case of Pandora Addict Thailand News Have a picture of the hospital with the words. "Medical House or Haunted House" and there are questions like this. Do you have to live like this? The doctor who is involved with the house is. Dr. Thitikhan Mek Cardiothoracic and cardiothoracic surgeon Srinakarin hospital, Khon Kaen, who previously lived in the house. But leave now. Because they may not be safe in life and property.

Dr. Thitin revealed that in fact it is to come home to live. As a doctor in the hospital, I am proud, proud and happy. But living in the house of a doctor, the maintenance of the different parts. In the house is the duty of the occupant. Because the faculty has no budget. Who must accept the truth. And repair everything to be a complete house. The interior is good for 300,000 baht and since the year 2556 it has been the cause of the crime to steal optical glasses and other valuables.

>> Social networking sites open the house "Dr. Thitin" has stolen optical surgery.

Dr. Thitik said that the request is a representative of many doctors and staff members. We have the opportunity to speak and express our opinion to the management team that needs to take better care of the well-being of the staff. Some houses are poorly maintained and the environment is poor. Should care more than ever. Do not say that the house is ready, but not really.

I want the manager to clarify the truth and say, like the media, that the budget is real or not. If true, caution should be exercised in the organization. This is a person who is responsible for the welfare and safety of life and property.

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