Part 4 of the preparation of & # 39; Suntip & # 39; complained to the Khon Kaen court at the end of August.

Deputy Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont, 4, said he sued the court in Khon Kaen province at the end of August and reiterated his intention to return the money to the 192 police officers who suffered the most. …

At 15.00 on 20 August 2018 at the 4th Regional Police Headquarters, Thanasak. Rittichit Paiboon, deputy permanent secretary, head of corps 4 as head of the investigation into corruption, debt consolidation project and project for debt management of the provincial agricultural cooperative Loei. General companion Sutipat Charuptart, deputy head of the military office. National police station Former head of the police The suspect in the case. Mutual fraud The loan is a fraudulent public in the context of the Emergency Decree concerning the fraudulent public in 1984.

After Major General Suntip While he was in charge of the PAD. The Loei Provincial Police Savings and Credit Cooperative Limited Debt Management Project There were 192 police officers in Loei Province who took part in a total of 229 million baht, which was surrendered by Major General Supotip Krong. Set up a team of researchers and fraud investigators. And the debt control project of Loei Provincial Police Savings Cooperative that the research team investigated. I know that fact. Gene. Suntip cheating with the policemen who participate in the program to do it for real. It has gathered evidence from witnesses to create a report. I do not know what to do. Criminal prosecution will also take place. Also Gen. Suntip Confirming the accusations with the investigating officer I have to acknowledge the factual accusations. And the refusal at the research officer. Then take out the bail.

Major General Thanasak Rittichit Paiboon, Deputy Secretary-General 4, reveals that investigators have investigated fraud throughout the investigation period. Debt consolidation and debt management project of Loei Cooperative Limited since 25 May. To date, Supervisors and researchers. There were 192 police officers involved in the investigation. Including those involved in the debt consolidation program. It was found that the people involved in the debt consolidation project were two people now called to acknowledge the allegations against the same charge. General Suatip is charged with joint fraud, a fraudulent loan to the public under the emergency decree on fraudulent public loans in 1984. Currently both parties are not involved in the cooperative. . then I have

4 showed that Vice ผ bch.p. The work of the provincial police 4 In cases where Pol. Gene. Suntip did not work alone. It also coordinates with related agencies. The lawyer is the public prosecutor who also takes care of the part in question. Especially Maj. Gene. Suntip. In addition to the prosecution of 192 police officers in the past, it is also a series of lawsuits in the area. Nong Bua Lam Phu and Khon Kaen. There are many victims in the two provinces. More than 10 people involved were involved. Witnesses too. If someone can not explain the origin of the money, it will be charged. Also to prosecute the law, each person can be prosecuted against each other.

The working group has investigated whether the effect has been extended to the departure of the cooperative's money. Financial route It seems to connect with 4 to 5 people in 4-5 people have already called and then frozen accounts. I was in Khon Kaen Nong Bua Lam Phu was called him. Then explain the transfer to the account. I found the financial route to the big one. The victims are reported to public fraud. In many areas It can not reveal the identity of the great ones.

Maj. Thanasak said the confirmation that the commander of the provincial police 4. Including the working group. Did not help the accused The case is then investigated. Collect evidence Both documents and witnesses. Because of the process. Maj. Gene. Suntip has determined that. The money was returned to the policemen who cheated the most money because the 192 people tormented every family.

"Major Gen. Suntip In the vicinity of 3 provinces the money police is in Loei and part of the chain in Nong Bua Lamphu and Khon Kaen But the group that is involved in. More than 10 people work in the same group. with prosecutors about the law The prosecutor concluded that the two cases were the same, and give all series of detectives in Region 4 the right to sue and prosecute the prosecution. Supreme Court Khon Kaen has indicted the accused at the end of August, "said Deputy Permanent Secretary 4.

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