"Pichit" moves the 24th on Oct. 31.

Take advantage of the school 1 Nov. The executive sent the board.

There are a number of school administrators. Dr. Thirakiat Charn Setthasil Minister of Education To request fairness in changing the transfer criteria in accordance with the letter no. 0206.4 / 24 of the criteria and methods for relocating the school administrators. Under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC), dated July 31, 2017 or 24/2560, due to the fact that more than 3,000 executives nationwide lose the right not to move in the year 61 because of the Planned to work for 24 months to 31 October, only one day is not considered. The request to change the date of November 30 was the same. Piyasvasti Suwannarong, secretary general of the Teachers and Educational Personnel Commission (TEPC), said that the demands of the school administrators who submitted the letter are extended until November. If the administrators think about the benefits of the school and the students who receive it on November 1, 61, the school must have a supervisor. It is my duty now The cause is that the Provincial Education Committee (NESDB) can not move the executive power to carry out the duty. There may be administrative or procedural problems. This is not because of the criterion 24. The majority of the questionnaire was handed over in October, but only a few of them can not act quickly.

"I have reported this to you." Dr. Thirakiat, the Ministry of Education, is concerned and asked the BCC to summarize the rules, both original and new, which is why it can not be moved in October. dealt with at the TEP meeting on 29 August, "said Secretary-General TEPC. And if the affected people in many provinces have filed a lawsuit with the administrative court, if the solution of the correction of the case is to withdraw the request. It is not yet a book of the administrative court that requests for fairness in such cases. If the application to the administrative court. I need to look at the details of what kind of request is being considered in this article. However, I would like the executives to understand that the implementation of the new criterion 24 requires that executives go to school in November, so everything must be ready by the end of October. The request must be considered whether or not to do so.

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