Pick up the rain. Four lanes crashed! Serious illness 3

Pick up the rain. Slide out of the car to jump over the repetitive 4-speed road 201 Chaiyaphum Road – the car broke and 3 people were injured.

On August 26, 61, police lieutenant colonel Wachirapitrit Get a report from the radio center 191 Police Station Chaiyaphum Province that the accident was a duplicate. More than 4 vehicles collided and glide across the road. Road 201, Chaiyaphum – the curvature of the house Kut Lom (bent 100 bodies), Nong Na Saeng, Muang District, Chaiyaphum to accelerate the accident. With the rescue of bright Chaiyaphum. And emergency units from doctors Chaiyaphum Hospital. Help to mobilize on the spot as urgent.

There are 3 traffic jams on the road and one on the road. The car causes a Toyota Vigo black license plate with license plate 6326, Bangkok. The 30-year-old is based on No. 76 Moo 5, Nang Pan District, Khon Kaen, Khon Kaen is the driver and is waiting for the officer. The first three cars were damaged Toyota Yaris White License Plate 5, 7270, Bangkok. The second vehicle is a white Toyota Revolver license plate 2 3261. Bangkok, the third vehicle is Isuzu pickup truck Bronze Golden license plate 2300 Nakhon Ratchasima, the front of the car collapsed scrapped, the Toyota pickup truck on the runway. The front of the damage is no different. As a result, three people were injured in the car. And first aid for almost an hour to help bring the three wounded to the Chaiyaphum hospital.

First ask Mr. Converge, 30-year-old waiting for the officer. And a truck driver is the first to say that. I drive back to work from my hometown Khon Kaen. E., Bangkok Stay awake tomorrow But at the point of the accident via the route in Chaiyaphum there was a heavy rain shower. Then there is no car. And the area that is bent. I do not force the car. The car was hit by three people and three people were injured.

Later, the side of the Royal Police Department. Travel to see the wounded in Chaiyaphum Hospital. I also have a problem before you invite him to prosecute.

4 cars crashed on the road 201, Chaiyaphum Ban Kut Lom curve (100 bodies), Nong Na Saeng district, Chaiyaphum province There are 3 serious injuries caused by heavy rain Toyota pickup trucks Vigo black license plate number 6326 Bangkok province. Driving through the rain, speeding across the track to collide the car parked three consecutive contact and injured.

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