Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man & # 39; s Chest

On 17 September 2018, by the director of Maj .. De. Sarayut keeps Bhopal cloth on the land .., Chiangmai. Lt. Col. Piyapun Pattarapongsin, deputy director of the Chiang Mai police, with General Gen. Boon Tong Wit And related press release the arrest of Mr. Da or Mr. Tad or the 32-year-old Taeyang nationality. According to the arrest warrant of the Provincial Court of Chiang Mai, No. 613/2561 of September 16, 2018, the offense was "to intentionally and secretly kill others, to move or destroy the body to hide the death or cause of death" . Confession on the scene of the house No. 1 Moo 1, Mueang, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, which is a new home.

Lt. Col. Boonnawith Satching Room, led the investigation unit of the Mae Rim police station to arrest Mr. Da or Mr. Todd while escaping to live in his friend's house in Mae Khat Mae Ram, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai. detained for investigation Initially the accused made a confession during the accusation that the incident had gone to the employer. Together with the dead And at home drinking alcohol on the spot. So drunk and intoxicated, they have to quarrel with the dead in the story that the dead secretly have a relationship with their friend. I was angry with the bottle to break the bottle. Use the wood I always used my head and died. Then the body fell asleep on the house under construction. Another day came and the ropes were tied and their hands were tied to the body and they were thrown in the toilet. This is Bo Kae. And the motorcycle of the deceased was sold. Before they left home to live at home, Mae Khat mother Mae Ram, until the police were investigated by police investigators, Mae Rim police follow the arrest was initially policemen in charge of taking control. The process of Mae Rim continues.

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