Please come and catch it! The end of death I do not know what to do.

Please come and catch it! The end of death I do not know what to say.

5 September Lt. Col. Kittiphum Thalang Inspector (research) Thalang police station The Phuket police were informed by the police of the Thalang police that a criminal used a firearm to shoot the police while he was arrested. But the police had been shot. For the restaurant. Tha Yang, Phuket, Thailand. Lieutenant Colonel Sakchai Limcharoen, Deputy Director of Phuket Provincial Police, Colonel Theerawat Liamsuwan, Director of Thalang Police Station, Pol.Maj.Gen. science The Phuket Provincial police Provincial and provincial research department 8

There is a 9 mm mortar on the floor next to the pot. And the bag shot into the ice 3 grams 9 mm gun shot 9, the villain was shot. Mr. Pithit Boonsing Age 34 Migrant Community Service I have to send to Thalang earlier. But the officer's ammunition at the point of death died later. Then the police coordinated the prosecutor. And the government of Thalang. Including family members who died to participate in the investigation to be fair to all parties.

Head of arrest suit I'm not sure if that is the case. The suspects involved in the drug were examined. When does Mr. Pi find standing in front of the house And when the police entered the house. There were 3 grams of ice, 9 grams of ammunition and 9 pieces of cashmere. At Khao Lan intersection, 2 km.

"The police locked it in. It was shot by another gun, remember to protect yourself from being shot in the garden, Mr. Piti ran away and tried to run along Thep Krasattri Road, but during the fire. lock it up for the rice crackers to find Mr. Piti, the police got hurt, so they called an ambulance to pick up the hospital. & # 39;

For Mr. Piti is a resident of Phuket. I have not had a physical attack. And drug procedures The police will investigate further.

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