Politicians point to the world & # 39; Vote not online & # 39; poll poll revealed 46.33%

I'm not sure if this is a good idea. & # 39; Democrat & # 39; is not a contradiction with primate I am not sure what to do. Do not force the world to campaign online. Suan Dusit Poll reveals survey results 46.33% is waiting for the elections to be unlocked, while 35.26% just loosens the country.

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& # 39; To Thailand & # 39 ;, the voice of the Korat

Vanguard Website "It's a good thing," he said. Love country Democrats do not want corruption votes for the elections. The indication for the Thai party that there are so many in the area in Nakhon Ratchasima. A copy of the identity card of a village health volunteer is not included. The purpose of the claim is to submit an application to become a member of a political party.

"Some areas say that it will be a proof of payment As a result of receiving money in the state welfare program, I would like to request the Electoral Commission to investigate this matter, which is similar in many areas of Nakhon Ratchasima. The elections will take effect before the royal decree, with network. "I do not know what to do," he said.

This is the first time I have ever seen this movie.

Yahoo! Reported on September 1, 2061 that Mr. Thanakorn Wang Boonsong, a spokesperson for the Sammitr Group, said that after the Sammitr Group had met the people in the past few months. And the government has taken to solve the problem for the people. Nowadays people have coordinated this in many provinces. We would like to invite the Sammitr Group to tackle the problem and exchange opinions with the villagers. Mr. Somsak Thepsuthin leads Sammitr Group Make an appointment with the leader. Which province? The villagers of Kamphaeng Phet, Phitsanulok, Nakhon Sawan and Sukhothai have asked the Sammitr Group to tackle the problem, because they know that Mr. Somsak has to go to the football match. The Sukhothai FC of the club in the middle of next week.

After September, the process of setting up a political party would be complete, so the three would probably join the political party. The decision to go to a political party will not last long. The adults of the three friends have already talked to each other. At that time it would be clear that the Sammat group would change from a political party.

I do not know how to do it.

MGR Online reported that Mr. Ongart Clumpaiboon, deputy leader of the Democratic Party It is a good idea to make a new one. I do not know what to do. Nothing objectionable Do not imagine a new or an old one. The primacy of voting is to allow members of political parties to participate. When submitting candidates, the Democratic Party has made it possible for members of the party to participate extensively for decades without any law. Members of the party can nominate the party that the party members deem appropriate to be candidates for the party industry. Then the party sends the list to the executive committee, the final decision before the candidate to be elected.

Mr. Ong said. The Democratic Party has always focused on the political participation of its members. Although political parties do not require party members to select party leaders directly. But when choosing a new party leader. After loosening. The Democratic Party has chosen to choose a party leader nationally from party members. The way to bring new technology to facilitate work. This allows the party members to participate fully in politics.

After loosening. It is not clear what. Can not do it. Mr Ongart said that if the NBC and the government take into account political reforms and allow all parties to comply with the law, it is unlikely that there will be any practical uncertainty about what to do or not. But when some people in the Ksh and the government will continue to inherit the power to continue using the existing power to make changes to the law, so that everything is not normal. It is not self-evident to adjust, change, add, reduce, all for the benefit of themselves and people.

"Let the authority think carefully before you decide what comes out, if it's a command that gives rise to abuse of power, there's too much exploitation, it can become a boomerang that can do damage The best way to do it is simple. To advance the country without any hiccups, this is the ultimate desire of the people in the country. "

Do not force the world to ban the online campaign to neutralize the distortion.

Previous on September 1, 2561 business website. Reported that Mr. Wirat Kanalasiri, leader of the team of the democratic law, discussed the case of General Pravit Vongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister. And Minister of Defense Do not forget to vote for political parties and propaganda. During the National Peace Corps (NCC) this past Social Media will appear in September Whatever the American presidential elections may be. And other countries in the world have deliberately distorted the problem. Slander creates panic If the election decree is effective, it will affect the person or party who has been seriously violated, but it is difficult for social media to have many benefits. Costs are not many. Make a budget for political parties.

Mr. Wirat further said that the NBC or the government would prohibit the use of social media. In the campaign. I can not resist the world. Management of the use of the right to prevent false news version, such as the relevant police station of the election committee (police department). Designing agencies to be effective. Look for strong staff to tackle this. Otherwise, the election will not be justified in accordance with the intention of the Constitution. The army is the most deadly. It is blown by social media. Due to the fact that there are no cut corners, there are problems that may be affected.

"The creation of an agency that can camouflage fake social media, and the wrong social media track, and has the power to suspend or coordinate with foreign countries to stop deterrence." The office must be neutral. It is acceptable for all parties not to extract part of the party and not to break the self-reliant party It will not be elegant And it must apply to all political parties, not to cities, and not to discrimination, I repeat that from now on, rumors are coming up regularly, "Wirat said.

Suan Dusit Poll reveals survey results 46.33% is waiting for the elections to be unlocked, while 35.26% just loosens the country.

Suan Dusit Poll Suan Dusit University The poll took place between August 29 and September 1, 2018, under the theme "What do people think of the political unrest that will be unlocked by the fact that KBC will unblock political parties?" To do some political activity. As a result, the political parties come out And 46.33 percent of the respondents said they supported political liberalization, while 35.26 percent said they would not be able to unlock it, the public was still worried, if the unlock is found, think 48.96 percent of people who unlock can be counterproductive, 35.76% of respondents said they were active and 25.35% were violent.

At 50.67 percent of the population, 31.39 percent were dissatisfied, 30.49 percent were dissatisfied with their activities and 30.49 percent did not. "Should be loosened" and "should not be released politically." 41.57 per cent of respondents had a clear campaign policy, followed by 40.18 per cent of candidates and 27.02 per cent of party leaders, although it is not appropriate to To open the case is 39.66 percent of the public vote, 36.21 percent of the public vote and 24.13 percent of the people's political parties.

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