Prachin Buri heavy flood The government does not open the flood gate. Believe it.

Prachin Buri River flows over The floods increase the area of ​​the farmland. People want the state to open the dam in the irrigation. The water is more than 500 million cubic meters, but no movement …

On August 31, 61st of heavy rainfall in the area. And the water is constantly flowing from the province in Prachin Buri. As a result, the Prachin Buri River ran over and flooded the area. Especially people affected by the floods. And farmland for weeks. Secondary farmers in antimony irrigation. To speed up the harvest. The mass of water in the Prachin Buri River, as well as heavy rainfall, will flood the rice fields until it can not be harvested.

The old market area. The water is still rising continuously. Which probably will not stabilize or reduce. The residents of the area must use a rowing boat on the road. To travel between home and work At the moment, people in the old market area have problems with toilets. Because the house is under water. The people in the area must leave the apartment to use the neighbor's bathroom will not be flooded. In addition, more water. I have to go to the flood school at school. The classroom and the canteen were flooded.

The municipality of Prachin Buri. The water level is not Prachin Buri River. It is higher than the riverbank in the municipality. The municipality must install the pump at 9 points around the municipal part of Prachin Buri. Pump from the drain area. To prevent flooding in the municipality of Prachin Buri.

The mass of water in the Prachin Buri river. And the water mass flowed into the houses. Including agricultural crops. Shrimp ponds on both sides of the Prachin Buri River are damaged. The villagers affected by this flood. The government must open a dam in the irrigation area. The water can handle more than 500 cubic meters, but the government has no management in this respect.

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