Premier repeats digital technology as part of national cyber threats strategy

The launch by Digital Thailand Big Bang 2018's premier digital technology repeats digital technology as part of a 20-nation national strategy to intensify cyber threats. Tell them they are sincere to everyone. But I do not see him.

On September 19, 2061, General Prayut Chunyacha, the Prime Minister, presided over the opening ceremony of the "Digital Thailand Big Bang 2018: International Exhibition on Changing Countries: Thailand Big Data" in the Challenger Hall. IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center, Muang Thong Thani, with keynote speech on Big Data for national development.

The Prime Minister said the government was aware of the need to use digital technology in Thailand. Digital technology is part of the strengthening of the 20-year national strategy to address the challenges of the country. It reduces the inequality of society, the digital infrastructure. The government uses government technology in every dimension.

Gen .. Speak Discuss the new threat that comes with digital development, cyber threats. That is no less important than the abuse of human rights, even with the PC. But the offense against the infringement is in the same line. So it requires digital restriction. Provide cyber security. The government has taken this seriously. I can arrest the perpetrator in this lawsuit. Responding to the threat must now control the ASEAN region. And collaborate with many countries around the world. More and more people are growing because of the cyber threats.

The prime minister stated that the digital world has both the same advantages and disadvantages as the two people who have heard that people have a generous wolf. And the other is a ferocious wolves, so choose which one to win. Because so not faithfully corrupt. The bad guys are over. The prime minister stated that he was sitting and thought they were. But everything that is done must have rules, sincerity, seeing it or not seeing it.

During the premiership. Speech on the stage Journalists observe the tone of the prime minister. As a cold The prime minister said that two days to go to the cabinet meeting in Loei and Phetchabun have spoken a lot.

For organizing Digital Thailand Bigbang 2018 held under the Big Data Thailand Big Data concept to understand the future for us all. The event was organized by IMPACT Muang Thong Thani from September 19-23, 2000 with the participation of more than 500 public and private sectors from 12 countries to respond to government policy. Benefit from large public and private data. To manage the development of the industrial, economic and social sectors, all units have access to high-quality information and innovation.

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