Probably to ban "aunt pigeon" to feed birds to break 3 months in prison.

In case the social world has suffered. Because of her monthly project, we feed pigeons in public places. The number of pigeons has increased. And make a near the neighbors Soi Kamphaengphet 6 crossing 7 Soi subconscious.

Mrs. Khajarat Jakom, director of Laksi District The district and water vehicles were sent to the cleaning room. With topical antiseptic. The Tha Songhong Housing Estate is ready to announce the Public Health Act and the Clean House Act that prohibit the feeding of animals in public places. It is a good idea to look at this. If the offense is found guilty. Public health calculates 2,000 baht and clearing 3 months prison penalty of 25,000 baht.

It has four important >> Aunt Pigeon House "What's wrong with me?"

She said that as animal lovers. An animal lover Dogs fed for the first time for a few years, the first couple dived to eat just a few, but 2-3 years ago, pigeons began to rise in number, so much food. more Without knowing in advance that feeding pigeons was wrong. And after all the food on the ground floor will be cleaned all the time. Confirmation of this will no longer be.

Mrs. Kanyarat Nakakom, director of Laksi district, revealed that feeding pigeons daily. From the monthly show, cause pollution from bird droppings. And can be harmed by germs that are attached to pigeons. Today it is necessary to clean the house of her projection month. And to the Environment and Sanitation department. Operated spray disinfectant To prevent pathogens from human to human. After this, the coordinating authorities will prepare the pigeon to settle elsewhere.

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