Prosecutor 1 out of 5

(August 27, 61) At 3.30 pm police lieutenant commander Naga, deputy director of the investigation, joined. The Kamphaeng Saen police station, Nakorn Pathom province, was investigated and one man was shot dead. Central maize plantation 12, Huai Pang Thong, Kamphaeng Saen, where the man was found unknown. Wear a blue shirt with long sleeves. Wearing black camouflage trousers Black hat Funeral sleeping Shot with 11 mm guns in the middle of the chest 1 shot.

There are 3 casing guns. Mr. Prayuth, 45, a doctor at Huay PillowHe is also a volunteer guard at Din Daeng (reserve).

Mr. Puthut stated that he had received a notification from Mr. Thachapon Thanachatchananun, Tambon Huay Phon Thong, Kamphaeng Saen Province, that Ms. Kanjana Thep Suwan, one of Moo 5 Moo. That while you're not at home Looking at a CCTV camera from a cell phone, noticed that two villains came into the house. Stealing The police must coordinate the police district and Mr. Prayut to prevent the two men from arresting two villains, while civil servants have shown that two bad guys have run away. Come out of the house on stage. The dead were shot 11 mm. So he shot into the garden to protect himself 3 shots shot in the back of the bad guy 1 shot.

Police Colonel Supachai revealed that the villains escaped. I took a gun in the hands of the dead. And ran across the canal to Mrs. Vai's house, which sat in front of her house. Then the villains took a gun to hijack Mr. Wang's husband. The key to the car Honda Wave Blue – black register 1 4419 Nakhon Pathom and drive to escape. Huai Khlok District Province of Kanchanaburi

The Prime Minister accuses Mr. Prayudhya of deliberate murder. And to speed up the imprisonment of another bad guy. To continue

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