Salad salads based on Sriracha are not allowed. No lease since 59 years.

Prime Minister of Sriracha Counterfeit coffee shop with salads. No contract since the year 59, plus free sales. The offense is the unauthorized distribution of food. Food accidents It is just a question of regulations.

In the case of Ms.Noranee Viriyanont, owner of GARDEN @SEA Coffee Shop, located in Sriracha Municipality Park, Jamb Jambon, Sriracha, Sriracha, Chonburi. In the past, Mr. Suwatchawan Nerat, legal assistant Sriracha Municipality Arrived in the store and ordered.Salad sausage Then the man showed himself wrapped in a salted sausage the next day. Local official Sriracha Municipality I have checked the establishment in the store. I found that the food business operator. The certificate is not received by the local official. Consider that. It is an illegal practice under the public health law BE 2535 and the law. The place of storage places for food and food in the year 2005 of the Sriracha municipality. You must stop the company immediately. Until the receipt of the notification of food. The news was announced on August 21st.

On August 22, 2018 Sriracha Municipality, Sriracha, Chonburi Province, Mr. Thanee Ratanon, mayor of Sriracha, revealed that Mr. Nareesiri Wiriyakan cloud Panya Kittiwat Owner of the lease. Sriracha Municipality Park This store sells and sells for a long time. On July 29, 2556, this store was in violation of the terms of the lease. According to the Sriracha municipality. By building the building without permission. Then the municipal. I went to the cancellation of the contract. For other operators. To work. But GARDEN @SEA will not move. I also submit a complaint to the authorities that the Sriracha municipality. Do not follow the rules In this case, this has been reported from 2016 to the present. The store has not moved. But compassion is still available with kindness. Until that day and time. So I ordered Mr. Suwatcharatchanet Nitikarn, expert. Sriracha Municipality It has been established that the store does not have a food permit. Act of Public Health Act 1992 and the Food Store and Food Storage Act: 2005

Mr. Thanee said that in addition to the mentioned no contract with the Sriracha municipality. Since July 29, 2556 and never pay the rent to the municipal authorities. I went to the announcement. The law does not follow the law. And in the matter that Miss. The store is guilty of collecting food. misleading Because the store is wrong. Food is not allowed and the word "food" is the place where food is distributed and where food is stored. There will be a different consultation. To continue in the next step.

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