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Proposals "Provisional Government" – fast Gene. Chavalit Yongchaiyudh Tag team Jatuporn Prompan The Provisional Government The Constitution was amended in 1997 to criticize.

This proposal is to cancel the forthcoming elections.

Scholars agree or think differently. And how do you look at this offer?

Charnvit Kasetsiri

Charnvit Kasetsiri
Former president of Thammasat University

The offer is a lesson from the old man. The original game was similar to the move to the Prime Minister under Section 7 before the PAD. Or even the EAP of the group.

The offer is unlikely. It is a proposal that brings a stalemate. I personally disagree with the offer and am surprised that General Chawalit has this proposal. I have a good reputation as a former DDP leader. I have established and voted a political party.

Mr. Jatuporn Prompan, President of UD. Fight for democracy Hot and cold weather. It is great to play this game. And when viewed from social streams, they are like a landslide.

What do you think? I do not think the old game. General Chavalit will think this. Unfortunately, life experiences are very much, but can not be attributed to future generations.

Mr. Jatuporn is surprised. Because people are fighters for democracy. The world is very bad. Back to the boat unfortunately.

These proposals are not the solution of the country. But it is more than a proposition. Most importantly, the proposals are detrimental to the institution.

Chavalit fears that even if the election is not possible, it is possible. But democracies go back to playing games that opponents have played in the past.

I see that the solution of the country. It's only about the election. It is the only way to keep society and the country running. When the arrows are fired, they must run to the end.

The election will have to be pure justice. I believe that the loss of blood will be reduced.

If the elections are 2500 years, Field Marshal P. Pibulsongkram or in the year 2512 Field Marshal Thanom Kittikachai or a Cambodian model. The country returns to the same. Thailand becomes a cataclysm.

Some local stately Teo

Some local stately Teo
Faculty of Political Sciences, Burapha University

I think if the provisional government should be proposed since the new coup. But now the process has followed the roadmap more than halfway. I will walk to the elections.

One side of the offer. It indicates failure. The 4-year-old has not been able to resolve the political conflict. Can not create harmony. It requires a transitional government. To prevent the problem.

But when the route map is more than halfway. Proposals for provisional government are difficult to obtain. Remember that the political conflicts in recent times are a conflict that we have created ourselves. Create yourself
So learn to solve problems. Do not act like a fight. I can not solve the problem, I go to the adults. This is not a Thai policy. Thai democracy will not grow

The right thing is when the problem we have to solve each other. The pain must be healed. This problem is solved. Until the end of the road to the adult. This is no problem.

Proponents of the Provisional Government may think that the future of the ruling coalition will be difficult. Not long Looks like that.

I do not think so. Regardless of whether the government is failing or experiencing a crisis, society must learn that the past has not helped resolve the conflict. And do not solve the problem in democracy.

Should the public learn what the problem was before the coup? This is a gradual learning from politics. Do not use a solution by using the power system to intervene. I will not learn it.

Finally, even the transitional government. If not, learn. Even the provisional government has been completed. Eventually the problem will occur. Because we do not solve the problem. Provisional government is not the only solution. But what is important is the political development that we must learn. And be an independent political adult.

General Chavalit has proposed this for a long time. Proposed from the base of army and security. Fear that the country will be a violent conflict. But the election is also the best solution.

Although elections are not all of democracy. But democracy has no election. Elections are not just government purchases. But we must learn to restore the power of the people. Decide on the public.

Wrong or correct Every decision is a lesson for all people.

Thitipon Phakdeevanich

Thitipon Phakdeevanich
Dean faculty political science Ubon Ratchathani

The proposal to establish a two-year national government to implement the 1997 Constitution. Not necessary The way to return to democracy is to restore the voting rights of people as planned.

We do not know what the outcome of the election will be, but we can have General Prayut Chan Ocha to re-direct the government. But at least people have elected representatives to change the law. Democracy is being restored by the regime.

But the transitional government for another 2 years, the people did not participate in the selection. The constitutional amendment of 2560 that many parties agree that there is a problem. Selecting MPs can help solve this problem. There must be an MP to submit a correction.

The offer Gen. Chawalit It does not promote the strengthening of democracy. It is not that I do not want to do it. Let's hope for a few elites. It is not necessary

Offer from Mr. Jatuporn At the same time they demanded that Gen. Pravit I do not know what to do. But personally, that. Gen .. Speak Not only must resign from the head of the Ksh. But KBC must from now on end all its political roles.

KBC also has full equity since the elections. During the election there was a lot of room for the election as unequal. There was no guarantee that Section 44 would be used in any way. Not including other state mechanisms.

The security that is required everywhere is ambiguity. That may not know. Indeed, the stability. Is the national security Or the stability of the Ksh. What is happening now is fear of losing strength afterwards.

Only elections Net gen .. Spoke Dismissal is not enough. I must refer to all NBC.

Attapak Sattayanuk

Attapak Sattayanuk
Faculty of Humanities, University of Chiang Mai

Proposed provisional government, if observed from time to time, Gen. Chavalit It is not a prime minister. The concept of provisional management. The origin of democratic forces. On the one hand, there is a relationship with Mr. Prasert Sapsunthorn, the former Central Committee of the Communist Party of Thailand.

It is impossible to create a democratic government or a reconciliation government to resolve a conflict. In fact, it can not be solved. It is impossible to create a political allocation process that allows all parties to agree without a ground for controversy. And there is no social space to debate about this.

So the Provisional Government, Gen. Chavalit, is not even fully in line with reality now. It is not possible for us to find people who are all fair and just to take care of the conflicts that have been so deep for ten years, so it is impossible.

But I do not know why. Do you want to break the conflict? The way to overcome conflicts is not a transitional government but a democratic process.

The process of opening up a space for people to negotiate fairly is called the "national government". It is an open space for people to negotiate through political parties. Groups, organizations

Gene. Chavalit suggested that this would be after the elections were contested. Presented in this way. If you look at the good hope, but still do not understand the change of society, politics and so much, but believe that after the election, if the quarrel, it will everyone see and understand each other more. And this process goes to democracy.

Of course, after the elections. Will have to fight or argue. But to look at that, it's okay to gradually quarrel to create a coexistence rule, is a good thing.

However, the provisional government is unlikely or impossible. If this is your first visit, please refer to the FAQ by clicking the link above. I believe that people are not sustainable. Because everyone is waiting for the elections.

If the provisional government happens, this will speed up the conflict faster and there is no room for reconciliation. No room for negotiations. No exit area of ​​the country.

Good solution and a way is election. Although we are not satisfied with this constitution. But the good solution is to be chosen.

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