Sema 1 is chairman for no more than 60 years.

Dr. Thirakiat Charn Setthasil According to the Federation of Professional Professions of Thailand In this case it is not possible to "Student qualification and professional licensing research It has been discussed with Prof. Dr. Udomchit Chinamut, the Minister of Education, by the Office of the Commission for the higher Education (COP) to revoke the aforementioned section to the Council of State The Council of State agrees that it can not respond.

He said that. The appointment of the pensioner is the president. This was assigned to Dr. Suphat Champa Thong Secretary General of the Committee for Higher Education. A meeting to clarify the understanding with the state university. To have a solution in this matter. The appointment of the president is the responsibility of the University Council. In the case of the highest administrative court, The resolution of the Rajabhat University Council (Kanchanaburi) is a binding decision. The call for the central criteria came as a guideline for the university. I do not know what to expect. The verdict has determined that it is forbidden to appoint a rector for more than 60 years, in the past it can be interpreted that the appointment of the rector as a university regulation is interpreted. But when the court decided not to. The appointment of the Rector is forbidden for persons older than 60 years.

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