Shoot thunder in the center! I bought the boiling gas gang & # 39; Kham & # 39;

August 24 Lt. Col. Sompong Suthipong Deputy head of the Chachoengsao police Police investigate drug dealers of drug cartels. At Thep Theakkorn 11/1, Thep Khatakorn Road, Muang, Chachoengsao

At the time of the appointment, a man in a Honda City car coloring Bornholm, registered 9953 BC. The lurking officer drove the car at the back and side. And yelled at the man in the car. Before deciding to use the firearms that have been fired in the engine room, so that the engine comes out until the villain has surrendered and finally surrendered.

The name was later Mr. Worachart, 35 years old, living in Tachai, Muang, in the province of Chachoengsao, of the discovery of firearms with 9 mm 2 guns, amphetamine 220 tablets and 4 grams of ice. It is good to have a good time.

City Thunder
Shoot thunder in the center! I bought a catch cook the hell hallway & # 39; Kham Kham & # 39; (clip).

This is a good business. I will take you to Mr Worachart. Have the man with the medicine arrested. And scream that amphetamine and ice cream from Mr. Worachart has bought. So plan to lure and arrest. First, the gun was a friend of Mr. Kham and it was deposited in the medicine. The authorities will extend the arrest of Mr. Kham to prosecute.

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