I beg the parents. I'm not the only one.

Relatives of the 3rd generation soldiers to repair the dead. While the family members initially identified the victims, Batman mentioned injuries from heavy training. But later returned to admit that they were trained by 3 senior soldiers while the commander. Leaning from the brawl, not the repair. The criminal case must wait for the investigation and the results of the medical examination of the DPRK Repeat Order if the wrong person is both disciplinary and criminal.

In the case of Miss Kanjana Bhandhabanwong, 29 years old, living on 29/9 Moo 9, Tung Sukla, Sriracha, Chonburi. The 31st Healer (R.33, 3, 3), Lopburi, his nephew, was attacked and sent home. Ananda Mahidol Hospital Lop Buri Town On the night of August 21, military officials claimed that Kachin soldiers had been beaten. During the training and very seriously. Later, Ms. Rungruedee Siwongkarn, 45, mother of Kacha Army and relatives. Journey from Sriracha, Chonburi to the hospital. I noticed that I was unconscious on an IC and set up a ventilator. The doctor said the chance to survive and insure only 30 percent. If it revives, it may not be the same because the brain has too little oxygen. Because the heart no longer beats 2-3 times.

Later there was a rank officer. Phone calls to accept that. There are 3 soldiers in the army and 3 soldiers have been arrested and are now arrested. The three admitted that the real version of the soldiers had repeatedly said that they would keep their troops and take care of them. But let's not be news. For the army. On May 1, 2560, the soldiers registered. After the dismantling, the soldiers will replace their parents, but they will suffer the same death.

Later, at 15.30. On 23 August, Wannara Boonya, 25, the wife of the army, reported Kacha to Pol. Lopburi Town To prosecute three elderly soldiers who have attacked her husband to the terrible. And healing Ananda Mahidol Hospital From the night of August 21 the past. After being informed, the investigator invited Mr. Sharpi Pahacha, 47, and Ms. Rungruedee Srichawong, 45, to interview the father and mother of the soldiers.

At the same time, Lt. ML Lamchai, the commander of the 3rd Ranger Group, as commander of both the wounded and the soldiers, along with the soldiers. Parents of military cadets At the same time, a number of military personnel tried to prevent journalists from taking photographs of the three soldiers before investigating the case. Lieutenant Colonel Lamchai Smiling said the news was not right and claimed it was repaired. Serious injury, but a fight. It is good to bring the perpetrator in the broadest sense of the law.

Lieutenant Colonel Sakchai Ketsomol, police chief of Lopburi said that this case police officers have done as the police have informed. The accusations are waiting for the doctor to prove that the victim has been injured. This has now been questioned. The wives and parents of the wounded are provisional and will question those who have experienced the incident on the scene, including the three attackers. Doctors need dialysis. And brain X-rays, but the retina did not respond. Symptoms have not improved, can not breathe independently. The physician must use the ventilator at all times.

Lieutenant Colonel ML Chaiyawat, MD 31,000 3 Wait for a new interview. After the incident, the soldiers sent troops to the hospital. Now the symptoms improved, respectively. The perpetrator is a soldier with three soldiers who are being held. As the battalion commander. Do not hide the error from the beginning. They can be arrested and instructed to investigate disciplinary measures and criminal cases. Currently disciplinary measures have been taken to punish the three soldiers, including the tenth governor who oversees the army. Criminal trial brought the family to complain. Lopburi City Police and the families of Kacha's soldiers met his son.

"The three soldiers have known that they are an actress, it was a fight between soldiers, confirmation does not concern subordinate actions, but we do the whole law and the families of the wounded soldiers are still grateful to him for taking care of his son, but since I am a battalion commander, I have to admit that it happened that I did not care about my subordinates, "said ML Kumchai.

Gen Chalermchai Sittarasak, the commander of the commanding army, said the soldiers were being repaired in the military camp. No repair As you know, a spit between the soldiers and the wounded. Now at the hospital Check whether the repair system is no longer present. Maybe it's possible that people live together every day, maybe a fight. This is a unique story that the unit has already performed. In the case of relatives, the prime minister checks the details. Do not worry about this as a policy. the repair chaos There may be some conflict in the army. But if someone goes wrong, both the discipline and the criminal.

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