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Two husbands A 14-year-old boy hijacked a knife and plundered 10 kilos of rice with 800 baht cash on a motorcycle. While the authorities are rushing to bring the criminal to justice …

On September 2, 61, Mr. Monchai Kok, middle of the father of the injured child. Passed by 9 pm on 1 September. While he and his wife did not live in the rice trade in the village 3, Bueng District, Sriracha, Chonburi had his son keep an eye on the store. There is a man and a woman. Motorcycling with son by park in front of the store. Before the age of about 35 years. The 40-year-old man is left with his 5-year-old son, the girl goes downstairs to buy 10 kilos of rice for 200 baht in a store and sends 1000 baht for her son.

"While the son was looking for money The girl asked if it was money or not Then rushed to the weapon with a hanger at the waist and forced to pick up the money in the tray 800 baht out, then rushed to the escape from the engine, 10 kg of cooked rice. "

It is expected that the couple. It is a Cambodian. The Thai accent is not clear, including rice & fragrant & # 39; that the girl bought is popular with the Cambodians. That is often eaten. The injured boy can remember exactly the villains.

However, the investigation into Nong Kham has been investigated. There are data from such incidents in Bo Win that will speed up investigations and follow criminal cases in accordance with the law.

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