Spies talk after mother's fertility has announced relatives – – – – – – –

Spies talk After the mother's announcement, cut off your cousins, afraid of obesity.

On the 23rd of August at the asylum in Tha Khantho district, Kalasin, the Wan Wanen Na Muang Rak Khao Mae spies were shot down. To interview the fat given to the family, 7 million sparks have the family no scam or fear of fat. It is between spies and fat. That is personal But that is for sure. Daughter refused to marry. I can not stand the barbarians of fat. In the case of fat claims. Let the family feel sorry and feel very hurt.

Ms. Wanpen said the family confirmed that the transfer of money from the real fat was 1 million, which had been reduced earlier. But fatty stews want to be handed over charmingly. It takes money to buy a car and then buy it. After the accident, the money was spent on funeral arrangements for the spies. At this moment the family's financial account has 3 banks: 1. The Bank of Thailand is their own account. 2. Thanachart bank account The account of his brother Spicy and 3. Thanachart Bank account. The spies who opened a month and were shot dead still have 300,000 baht, all of which can be checked during the investigation. And to prove in court.

"The case claims that the family has been misled to transfer money, confirmation is not true, I and my daughter never thought to fool anyone I do not know what to do Before you leave the office The violent I was going to strangle my sister in a group of friends who were living together, spies decided to leave the job to make fat and start at Nakhon Pathom, and after the resignation the fat rang, I want to get the spies back get the job, it explains why the spies do not want to go back to work, but I'm not fat and I'm still calling. & # 39;

This is a good business. Confirm that this house is the family of the family. The proceeds of the 200,000 baht prize money from the government, the death of the father of 400,000 baht, and the sale of a small mill to another 90,000 baht before the renovation. This house was built before the spies will work with grease again. So that claim to build a house for them. Where is that? So when it is claimed that the fat is the money to build the house, the spy is not true.

& # 39; In the case of my mother, Phoss came out to say that relative cut. I feel sorry for the loss of sparks and Phos. Nobody wants to happen. It is difficult. But if it suits. But who would think. I do not know what to explain. Because they both died. This is a social atmosphere that causes this spy. I want to look back. What is the right thing to kill two children? The fat lady said she wanted to photograph more than that. The more I feel sorry and more afraid. I have a lot of money and influence. But when it comes to justice, the police will be punished until the end. The most important thing in the news is to ask for compassion and to think about the mother. The spies and the Pho have died. That the two dead can not say But the killer came to the information. I believe the truth is the truth to be seen quickly, "she said.

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