Sq. To stun! 19-year-old British girl has not been reported rape on Koh Tao

News from the British media. The 19-year-old girl was raped on Koh Tao Do not know There are no reports of rape, Deputy Prime Minister of the Koh Tao Council pointed out attacks from the outside air. The villagers on the island were affected.

From the British media case. The news quote. The 19-year-old British tourist was allegedly tortured and raped on Koh Tao. Surat Thani Koh Tao is close to a bar. The police reported to the police in Koh Phangan, but the police did not report the rape.

The reporter investigated this on August 26 by Pol.Lt. Somsak Rodsai, deputy director general, research on the situation in Koh Phangan, Surat Thani. The case of the British media reported that. Reporting of the incident The tourists came to Koh Phangan on 27 June. The notification lacks a pin card of 3,000 baht cash with the iPhone 7 Plus 1 machine of the brand with 4 mobile phones. The Koh Phangan police station was reported daily. The victim claimed that the incident occurred on 26 June in Koh Tao, but no reports of rape were reported. But the news was reported that rape. I do not understand why the victim was not aware in the vicinity of Koh Tao and did not report on the day of the incident. The police will immediately investigate the scene. I'm not sure what to do. Then go to the news with the British media. They do a report about the incident. Gene. Apichat Boonsriroj, Ph.D., Surat Thani

Koh Tao, Surat Thani, said that because of the British tourists claimed that rape on Koh Tao, the police department of Koh Tao had never confirmed that. Reported this in the area. If it is true. It is impossible that the police are not informed. And as the real situation. I have to check the victim's body. Locate the scene But there is no mention. I'm not sure if this is the case. There is a message of disappearance that is believed. The tourists claim to have only been raped. I did not notice the rape. In short, the police investigated the place where it was referred to CCTV. But because of the distance from each other. No image on the date of the alleged incident. However, report this to tell the supervisor again how to proceed.

Such as Miss Yao Daodee Pien, vice president of the district council of Koh Tao, said the presentation of the news. Is Tao of the British media? Including the famous CSI LA page that took this news to expand. To have a negative impact on Koh Tao. The Thai police are not satisfied with the rape case and kill British tourists in 2014.

Ms. Yay Daodee said that before the news was presented to attack Koh Tao from the British media. Several times and to name a Koh Tao. Island of Death The villagers on Koh Tao were hit. The reputation of travel is damaged, but I want to investigate this clearly, there is real or not. When it happens Why do not you say it at the crime scene? It is not that Koh Phangan Island is not an island.

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