& Sri Suwan & # 39; appeals to & # 39; Big Dog & # 39; to build a waste / power plant

"Srisuwan" filed a lawsuit against the "Big Daddy" who challenged a lawyer's son to meet the Phuket governor, discussing waste management in the area. It is good to have a good time.

On August 20, 61 at the office of the National Counter Corruption Commission, Mr. Sri Suwanjaya, Secretary General of the Society for the Prevention and Suppression of Corruption. Submitting a letter to the NCC Commission for Gen. Anupong Chochinda Minister of the Interior to investigate the power of the Minister may be in conflict with the interests of the Constitution Section 184 in the case of the Ministry of the Interior. Solid waste management in 2017 requires the local government to collect 324 waste management zones to lead to the construction of a waste processing plant in each area. There is a private run to the governor. To facilitate the establishment of a waste center. Every waste power plant worth 1,000 million baht, totaling 300,000 million baht, is planned by the son of Gen. Anupong to meet the Phuket governor on May 3rd. 2561 to talk about waste management in Phuket is unusual. It is not the responsible person. It was criticized for its involvement in gaining benefits or not.

Mr. Srisuwan said there were also similar suspicious circumstances in Nakhon Ratchasima, where 100 companies participated in bidding to manage waste in the area. People at high level in the government to talk to. Governor of Nakornratchasima Give this project to people in the vicinity of the government. I want to check it out. If you have any questions, go to the relevant authorities to investigate. So come to file. I have to check it.

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