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TAT has approved the 62-day "Tesco 62" system to reduce the time from 10 months to 6 months from December 2018 to mid-June. 2562

On August 22 at the office of the Higher Education Commission, Mr. Suchatchawan Suwansawat. The King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang The chairman of the Rectorate of Thailand (TAT) showed that the selection of persons to study at the Institute of Higher Education in 2062 or TAX 62 that the TAT approved the TAX 62 , which is still open for selection. The students follow 5 tertiary education but haveUp to 10 months to 6 months or from December 2018 to mid-June. 2562 to reduce the stress of parents and students themselves.

The details of the TAX 62 remain the first selection round or the submission of the portfolio and the second round or quit (quota) is the same, because it agrees that it is advantageous for students with a portfolio. Interesting due to their ability and aptitude. Students in the area go to the university in their own country.

"The main changes to Tecza 62 are the Round 3 or Round Match, the format of the submission of the 9 points of GATAT and OET on the score directly from the owner.In this round, applicants must order the institutes and institutes from the Institute or Medicine of Thailand or the CAT and outside the CAT The sixth place, which is over 61, can choose from 4, but this time will only reveal the results of the selection for candidates.Mr Suchart said.

Mr. Suchatchawee also said that this model will solve the problem of students with a high score when studying with other students. Students can select only one or one of the qualifying tests. For students who score lower, they have the possibility to select one of the 6 faculties and institutions.

In addition, the 4th round (adj.) And the fifth round (rectilinear free) are retained. Allow candidates to choose the right faculty and institutions with different compositions and criteria. This will reduce the tension of competition from some candidates in the clusters and some institutions in the first round, because when the candidates have a faculty and institutions that need it. There is a clear period of exemption for each selection. And after the confirmation of the right to participate in the new selection process. Applicants will only be required once, so applicants must be careful when selecting teachers and institutions.

"There are also some requirements, such as the number of pages of the portfolio that may not exceed 10 pages and the candidate can add other details, in which context the DTP coordinates all institutions of higher education to set the criteria and targets for the first recruitment round so that the applicant is informed by October, and the Tec 62 will reduce the problem, "said mr. Suchart.

In the timetable, the selection of TAX 62 is as follows: 1. Round 1 (Portfolio) between 1 December 2011 – 1 January 2018 2. Round 2 (price quotation) between 21 January and 25 April. 2562 3. Round 3 (6 coordinates in the same category as CAT) 1 to 6 in the CAT.) 17 April – 15 May, Round 4 (Admissions) between 9 May – 3, 2062 and 5 June. Qualifying round 5 (free reception) on May 28 – June 16, 2019.

In addition to the 9th grade, GATPAT and OET were divided into GATPAT exams between 23-26 February 2062. Announcement of the results on 1 April, OET exams on day 2 3 March 2562 Announcement 31 and 9 March, Commonwealth Exams 16-17 March, announced on April 5, during the investigation. Will not select higher education institutions. This will overlap in the second round.

Mr. Suchatchvirit said that the chairman of the admission to higher education institutions is now sufficient for students who apply. Only students must be more selective. And not the 5 rounds, but one exam. There is also a resolution to help with the expenses incurred for applying for the third round. The application costs are reduced to 100 baht per branch and 50 baht administration costs, resulting in the selection of all six candidates with a total cost of 650 baht.

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