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"Big Citadel" tells "Thaksin" to solve the case for the government's reconciliation question 12 years was a coup, which did the chaos of the country, and not the National Socialist campaign to ban the social campaign.

On September 19, 2061, at the Ministry of Defense, General Pravit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister of the Minister of Security and Defense, spoke about the case of the Thai Party in which all political activists are released. The first thing you have to do is to get rid of all bad things. That is not propaganda. Nothing else

Gene. Pravit emphasizes that the election campaign. Wait until December. The ban on political parties with the help of a social media campaign. This is not yet available. The use of social media is the same as saying that the Electoral Commission (KT) will be responsible for determining which political party uses social media and campaign. It must be legally punished. During this period we allow political parties to hold independent party meetings. That is considered a good sign.
The headman does not allow the headman to help politicians campaign. It is not a duty. And now no one can vote. The soldiers wearing uniforms to follow the politicians.

Gene. Pravit also said that. As far as military diplomats are concerned, they have to tell how the situation in Thailand is progressing, especially when Thailand is elected. Escape from the lawsuit abroad The 12-year jubilee of the coup. Who are the busy people today? But we do not. Because we are not involved. We came out to solve the problem for the nation. The case of Mr. Thaksin stated that the conversation. He also has a story that is illegal. I have to clean it up.

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