Thanks …! The name "Yingluck" makes it good, not illegal.

In the area of ​​Rayong, the government has not confirmed the tax on the campaign. I do not know what to do.

At 8.20 pm on August 20 at the Ranong hospital. Gen Prayut Chansaacha, prime minister and head of the national peace corps (NCC) visits the rehabilitation center for alternative medicine Serving people in the area. Thai tourists abroad by bringing natural sources into the area to supplement the treatment. Hydrotherapy with mineral water. Respond to the provincial strategy for health tourism.

Then go to Ranong Pier. Ban Nam Khong, district Pak Nam, district Muang to visit the port of Ranong. A brief overview of the development of Ranong Port is a trade and logistics center on the Andaman coast to support the tripartite economic development plan. Indonesia – Malaysia – Thailand Growing triangle: IMT – Economic cooperation between GT and Tashkent in the Bay of Bengal. Because of the geographic location it is the center of the link. At the same time, the prime minister donated artificial corals to the people's representatives. The artificial project with coral reefs falls under the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources.

Gen .. Spoke I say that. Do not understand why there are so many sources. But no development We take a lot of time. How often has the government lost a few years ago, the government has come to clean it up? The government did not like this government. If that is clear. However, I do not want to stand here, hope the government will do what it has done. If not, everything remains rotten. It is as if there is no life. Because of the existing. We all eat

The Prime Minister said that tomorrow will be a meeting. And the cabinet was wandering. Ranong will have nothing to ask, but give something to give. Moreover, corruption can not take place. Who has the information for the complaint. There will be a clear audit process. Ask for proof. Do not blame each other. Today they come to work. It is not politics or politics. I do not have the money to vote. People's money must be used correctly and profitably.

The reporter. Gen .. Spoke I went to greet the officials, officials and people during the event. At one point I greeted one of my colleagues. "Why do not you grow big?" Before you turn around to see the name. Ms Yingluck Tontipit, Port Authority of Thailand Gen .. Speak So say that right away. "She graduated or not", for shameful if she referred to the name. I said, "Well, that's a good name because it's a prime minister," and the word "But not what, I was just," before I laughed emotionally.

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