That's right. Beautiful daughter was 18 million!

The housekeeper in Pak Chong Have a spiritual life It's a good idea to look at this.

On the evening of September 17, journalists traveled to 27/3 Moo 1, Wat Vichiraphakarn, Nong Nam Daeng, Pakchong District, Nakhon Ratchasima. Miss Da Da Kanda or Miss A. Sua and Miss Piida daughters 28, 24 and 19-year-old daughter with neighbors. After returning to receive the prize money is a number 149760 of 3 lots from the airport in Nonthaburi.

A new 52-year-old woman told her that she had a cassava farm and planted vegetables. I do not know what to do. Nong Sarai 11 days before they leave the practice, have dreamed 3 days to see a snake. Hanging from the roof To tell the dream to the old man. I will say that there will be happiness. I see that a large animal hit the number of 90 and 60 until the lottery was out for a few days. Motor dealer Come and buy lotteries. There are numbers that match. Live on the village market So far to almost No. 149760 there are 3 cards at 300 baht.

"I do not think it will be rewarded at 1, only 2 digits until the last evening (September 16)." Called Mrs Da Da Da da or da daughter but asked back. That is it. Mother dizzy or is that right? The daughter was informed in the family, the three daughters returned to check the cell phone. It has a message. Show me the joy. The first prize until the morning to drive to the lottery to pay. It's a check. From Krung Thai Bank The Government Lottery Office, Nonthaburi province, commissioned the payment of Ms Monthan Sila for an amount of 17 million nine hundred thousand baht. & # 39; Ms. Month also said that the same farm. First take the blame first. But do not tell me how much. I will share the 4 children will be the gods who come to practice more than 100 images on the Wat Vichiraphonthararam Worawihan.

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