The & # 39; new party & # 39;

Is clear loosen the lock After the meeting of the National Peace Corps (NCC) agreed to the contents of the "nutcracker" Wissanu Kroang Deputy Prime Minister, the law subsection 9.

On the 9th there was the opening of the party to select the party leader. Party secretary Executive committee Change of party regulations You can also subscribe.

It also solves the problem. "Prime Minister voted" at the National Legislative Assembly (NIA) has formulated it. Changed to 11 recruitment committees.

These 11 people came from four members of the management committee, seven party members and 100 members from each provincial council, with a quorum of more than 51. They were able to select candidates from across the province. Then send the list to the Management Committee for approval.

The details of the procedure have been reduced. "Prairie voice" is quite full. But not Article 45 of the Constitution. The only rule. "Participation"

The order of the National Peace Corps (NCC) will be announced after the draft of the Organic Law on the election of members of the House of Representatives. And the draft of the Organic Law on the adoption of the Senate established.

For the nomination model of a new candidate & # 39; naturist & # 39; called a short primer. Or is not called a fine voice. The reason to choose this method. Because of the constitutional conflict.

For "old party" or "big party", look no problem. Regardless of which side I choose. It is ready, but it will be full for the "new party". Vote quickly this one

Especially the new party was seen. The party is set up to "Big Tung" Gen. Prayut Chunyacha Prime Minister and future head of the NBC support.

The Ksh seems to be a "self-correction" rather than an intentional "release" for all political parties. As indicated

If you look at the benefits. The old party and the big party. It is just a party meeting to choose a party leader. Party Secretary Executive Director It is really like opening a political party that has secretly met. Meet at the announcement. You do not have to dodge security.

Another by-product is the "protagonist" of the rival party. In the constituency It will be selected. "Leader of the party" after the "release" can prepare the strategy to fight.

This will be seen. Finally, when the "big meeting" members of the party or former MP who still lives. Who is gone? And to which party and which post?

Moreover, everything is almost the same. Because what the political party really wants is to break through the chains or "unlock" them to undertake political activities.

Because it is important. Political parties want to move their legs. If you count 2562 on the calendar of KBC 24 February, only 5 months.

It is too little to make room. For political parties, the discontinuation of the activities took more than 4 years. KBC has always been involved in the lost time of political parties.

While the political parties "interpreted" but "Big T" and the government made the area independent, using the "government" status to appeal to the people.

If & # 39; big fuzzy & # 39; is not about to be prime minister in the & # 39; second term & # 39 ;, the area in the previous fights will not be skeptical. Or look at the advantage – disadvantage for other political parties.

But because "Big Tzu" leaves the political field in the next election, there is almost 100 percent of reality, then it will look "unfair" for the political party.

So the "loosening" does not make the old party. How big or how large is a party? I have a new party. And the alignment of the party. The only thing that came out was "Thank you".

"Public power" is the party that is seen. This is the source of the original Primera voice. It is a newly formed party to support the current government.

The past Movement of "Sammitr Group" led by "the gang 3"., Somsak Thepsutin, Somkid Jatusripitak has "sucked up" many former MPs. To prepare you to join "Civilian power"

but the suck It will be a barrier as the method. "Pratamari voted" because they would not be able to select their own members in any area, while the "Sammitr" would fall for the former MP for placing candidates in many areas. rather this one

The delegation of power to the selection committee of the party. And the party management, that the & # 39; party leader & # 39; is a rapper, it's kind of like giving people in the party.

The process of "participation" at provincial level is so. worship In order not to violate Paragraph 45 of the Constitution itself, in practice "authority" in the party is still chosen.

"Reasons to change style This is because many of the issues related to political power. The transition from the director to a player. I have to change the rules. Because Primar voices an obstacle to suction because of the inconvenience to fall in love with him. But I have to go through the process. Abhisit Vejjajiva, leader of the Democratic Party I also noticed the same thing.

In addition to the "original voice" that has been corrected. It looked at it. Helped with the newly formed party. And the coalition of the army. There is a capital of 1 million baht in 180 days or 500 members in 6 months to resolve it from this statement. Membership 5, 000 people in 1 year and 10,000 people in 4 years, solve in 180 days and 4 years after this order, issued since the publication in the Government Gazette.

The "relax" command is probably good and satisfying. "Political party" because it will influence each other. It turned out to have been attacked on a large scale.

I have a & # 39; yeah & # 39; against & # 39; get & # 39; because it & # 39; lock & # 39; a sign of hope. Elections will take place soon. According to the authority "spread map" it.

The external trust in Thailand will look better. General situation in the country The pressure will be "relaxed" because everyone will count down to the election.

New founder of the party And the alignment of the army. What are you doing? And the goal in the electoral area.

And it is again to see that the KBC "Sure" wants everything, even the finer details. A "winner" in the election field !!!

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