The 9th helicopter instructor led the rescue team to help.

9th helicopter pilot of the air force Send to the Huai Pong waterfall. I have to walk 3 km to help tourists who have fallen into Sangklaburi …

Progress of the tourist assistance falls in the Khao Laem National Park, Sangkhla Buri, Kanchanaburi at 18.00 on 16 October 61 Mr Tevin has announced a home in Khao Laem National Park that Khao Laem has been informed. On 15 October 61, 5 tourists were smuggled to travel. Hundreds of waterfalls. Khao Laem Moo 2, Chao Wah, Sangklaburi, Kanchanaburi and a tourist had a slipping accident on the cliff near the waterfall Hundred Wah at the coordinates MS 590711 in the Khao Laem district. The name of Mr. Nipon (Tai) is unknown. For the first symptoms. Know that the injured leg and swollen brain have broken.

Later, at 15.00, Major General Chai Sophonpong, Ph. 9, adopted The OJ. Army. Reed & # 39; s. Surasi. H.223 (Bell -122 Twin Huey) is ready to help when it is confirmed. On the helicopter platform Viewpoint Fort Pee Ong Khao Laem (MS 567610) Amphur Sangklaburi Kanchanaburi

Lieutenant Colonel Suravat Chaiyasit, Lieutenant Colonel Surakiat Lt. Col. Chumpong Ubon, deputy director, Lt. Dir. Patrol Graspiste with Mr. Teerawat, Khao Laem National Park. Together with the rescue team, eleven rescue officers and two Lt. Corps officers, accompanied by the rescue team of U-Kao Khao Kaem to help the wounded.

At 17:00 from Surachai transferred to the rescue service of the National Park together with a team of soldiers from the grasslipper to the area near the most painful. It takes about 3 km to reach the destination. The waterfall is located in the area.

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