The army was seriously defeated. No surgery The doctor is stuck (clip)

Dr. Anant Mahidol, MD, said that the symptoms of "Kacha Chae" were military training to improve the situation somewhat better. The lower part responds occasionally. But no surgery. The symptoms are down.

In the case of Kachapacha, 22, a soldier in a military unit in Lopburi was killed by three soldiers.I have to go to the hospital in Ananda Mahidol. You will notice that there is a heartbeat.

Last updated on August 24, 61 It is reported that the medical team Ananda Mahidol. Army medical department I am not sure if that is the case. With the family of patients

Sharpi said that the father of the Kacha army said he wanted to know how the children were being rehearsed. The body has no wound, but the child has a swollen brain. This is the care for adults. To be honest, do not leave.

As Dumrudee Chomphu said, the surgeons said they had taken care of the patient's brain. Just like the first day of treatment, most brains stopped working. Now the medical team is fully taken care of. But I can not do an operation. I'm afraid it will make the patient worse. Other symptoms Like a kidney, better breathing is better. But I can not breathe everything. At the moment, the patient's symptoms have stabilized and improved somewhat. The general symptoms remain unchanged. Patients can sometimes move their legs. Considered a small answer. however, doctors must always take care of them.

Asked about the progress of the case, Major Chatchawan Buranasratch director of the Ananda Mahidol hospital said that the hospital is ready to fully cooperate. And wait for the autopsy. This is a document from the police.

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