The bad daughter of the rape daughter took night! As a bribe Drag a funeral to the water!

Mothers anger Rely the daughter with family members. Back to top Back to my daughter told to rape. Waiting for a new chance to sleep. I blow the iron and drag the body to avenge the revenge.

From the fallen in the night of August 19 Burmese young man found floating in a pond in a wooden pallet factory in Ban Bung district, the Province of Chon Buri The funeral pyre of wood and a bucket of water with a cable made to the body in a large pond about 1 rai of grass. Covered by Advanced Pallet (2009) Co., Ltd. No. 6/4 Moo 3, Nong Samak Sub District It is expected that not less than 3 days will die, know that the name Mr. You, 38 years old.

Last updated on 22 Aug 06 at 10.00 am Pol.Gen. Somruk Kungkhoo, director of police station Banbung and police officers investigate the 40-year-old Burmese girl. Employees and relatives of the dead live in the same room. Make plans to confess. The latter admitted that it was a constant murder. The iron hit the head during Mr. U's sleep and used the strings to drain the air into the bathroom. In the room with the dead. Then, using a sarong and dragging to leave the pond in the middle of the night of August 16, 2018 using canned wooden trunk to drown. Before burning the sport and the phone of the dead in a wood-fired oven. Then tell the employees together. Mr. Ou went home.

Policemen have done research later. And capturing the hearing of the accused's daughter, who said she is a man to do so. Because she did not escape.

Somporn Khum Koo said the investigation of the accused. Confess that the organs of the deceased have not been cut for the water. Expect that animals may gnaw in the water. The cause of resentment to kill. The world can not live together. From the past June. Accused of going home And leave his daughter alone with Mr. U. that a relative died, but back to the daughter said that Mr. U. rape. The cause of the resentment until August 16 on the chance that the dead are drunk. I killed the workers during training. And drag the body to throw water at night.

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