The cause of "Pak Kin" neck tie off "Ammy" girlfriend did not hug shadow.

The moment you save your life, the "Pakkin" groom escapes a job. Immediate – mouth starts green But the heart pumps to save lives.

The case of Mr. Pakinee groom escapes the lime tied to death. Fortunately, Mr Pakin's father helped to keep it up to date yesterday (16 September) and send it to the hospital.

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Last updated (17 September) reporter The information from a reliable source revealed that the misconception between Mr. Pakin and his 35-year-old friend, who, after Mr. Pakin was famous. I have to admit that I have a lot of friends and a chat with his girlfriend Ammie open jealousy. And often arguing with the aforementioned.

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Before the incident at 2.30 pm Pakin decided to tie his neck in the bathroom near the house. But to keep up. By the time he helped Mr. Pakin unconscious. And the lips started to turn green. And try to pump the heart completely. I'm not sure what to do. And to help deliver the hospital in Ratchaburi immediately, what the doctor managed to save. The mother and friend looked well.

While Mr. Pakin was revived Mr. Pakin has a video chat with his father. And tell them they are safe. Do not worry at first.

In addition, Amy & # 39; s girlfriend said before the incident that he had no shadow. And to convince each other to earn the prosperity. Before Mr. Pakin complained to his father that he wanted to be ordained a priest. This is not good. And with Amy. I do not have a shiny head.

>> "gin" the groom's escape dress Fortunately my father helped me.

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