The court gave the order & Aristotle & # 39; a limit of 5 million, but not from the country.

If you are not allowed to leave the country after 1 night, you will be sentenced to 1 night of civil unrest. The lawyer Jan Ariyan, c. I

On August 24, Mr. Kanitpase Singthong, lawyer, Mr. Arikant Pongruangrong or Mr. Jay, 54, former MP The Thai Rak Thai Party has revealed that Arikant has traveled to the Supreme Court yesterday, a political prisoner. The petition is submitted with cash for bail. In case of fraud, Baan Aur-arthorn Project The money is 3 million baht, the court has looked at the circumstances of the case. In the case of Mr. Arisan, the amount of 5 million Baht is the same as that of Mr. Wattana Muangsuk, former Minister of Social Development and Human Security (PM), Thaksin & # 39; s government 2 and the party leader for Thai defense. 1 Corrupt House project The stock is not ready to be archived. Today they bring the book of Krung Thai Bank 5 million baht to the court, which the court considered the petition. There is an order to permit the temporary release of Arichun on the basis of the conditions that prohibit departure, except for permission from the court. After receiving a temporary release order, Arikant will be released from the Bangkok Special Prison at 8 pm.

Mr. Pennaput said that Mr. Arnold will travel on the date of the hearing on October 5, the date of the first lawsuit. With the expression of Mr. Wattana Muangsuk, former Minister of Social Development and Human Security (MNT), the Thaksin government 2 and the leader of the party for Thailand, the suspect, 1 corruption case, Baan Aur-arthorn project in black figures. 42/2561 Today Arnold does not have to submit a new bail. This is the insurance cover today. I am sure this case will take place this day. We do not intend to evade the case before the first trial date. And Mr. Arun is not involved in the Baan Aur-arthorn project and is dealing with Mr. Wattana. At the time of the incident, Mr. Arun had no political position. After this we will look at the details in the idioms and be charged. Who will be prosecuted now? I do not know the details of the forthcoming statement.

The reporter. 102/2561 The Prosecutor General is the plaintiff filed a lawsuit against Mr. Arikanat, PATTA Thai Co., Ltd., Namtip Construction (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Princeton Miss Tee Wattana Kongsook, the authorized representative of Thai Yoo Yoo, the defendant was in the 1-5 cases. The official Abuse of power in the wrong position. Rape or persuasion To allow someone to give or acquire a property or other benefit to themselves or to others, and to support Mana Wongpiwat, a former NHA, an employee. To accept or accept the property. Or other benefits for themselves or for others. To do something in the position or not to do. Whether it's fun or not fun. According to the Penal Code 148 and the Law on Crimes of Workers in Organizations or Government Bodies, Article 2502, Section 6 of the Criminal Code, Article 86, 91 after the court has ordered the stamping of the case. Considered on August 17 ago.

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