The crisis was set up to add 25 siphon tubes to the dam.

Sakon Nakhon feared the crisis, installed another 25 siphon pipes to drain the water from the dam. After the high water level is expected to be completed on 28 August, the drainage of the dam will amount to approximately 1.2 million cubic meters per day.

At 16:00, 26 August 2018, the reporter reported the situation of the Nam Oun Dam, Pho Khon District, Sakon Nakhon Province. There are many people traveling to observe the water that floods a lot. After this day, the water level in the dam rose to 567.44 million cubic meters of storage capacity of 520 million cubic meters or 109.12 percent due to the ongoing rainfall for several days. The water flowed 12.442 million cubic meters into the dam, while the drainage amounted to 8.122 million cubic meters, resulting in higher water levels. At the mouth of the building drainage overflow. The volume of water overflow began to increase and the area around the dam has a strong wind today. The transient flows are blown white air voids covering the mouth. It is the interest of the people who travel to observe.

At the same time, the water supply and maintenance project. They help to install siphon pipes hurriedly. Supported by the pump equipment department at 3.3, the Royal Irrigation Department, Bangkok. Accelerate the installation of 25 extra siphon pipe systems, including the existing 25 pipes to 50 pipes to increase the ability to run out of the dam. After the water level in the dam increased rapidly. It starts to affect the area around the dam. By installing 25 siphon pipes, the pipeline will be completed before August 28, when it is completed, the drainage rate of the dam will increase by about 1.2 million cubic meters per day. In combination with drainage through two lock gates Drain via overflow or overflow pipes and original siphon pipes. The water discharge can amount to about 9 million cubic meters per day.

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