The dealer once ordered the fire! I'm not sure what to do with it.

This court does not dare anyone. The dealer once ordered the burn. Back to top The lottery will be a lot of baht. The real money is lost. I was a kamoom instead.

The reporter. On Sukhumvit Road, km 1, the entrance to Sattahip is 500 meters from the head of U-Tapao International Airport, Ban Chang, Rayong is known as the villagers of the area.

This is because of the old shrine. It was left on the street for decades. It was packaged outdoors with 1,000, 500 and 100 baht. And stumbled across the viewer.

In the area people have left the ruins of the damaged ruins to leave much. But recently government agencies have come to the area. And no one else to leave this area. There was only one court left. No one dared to dismantle. It is believed that the saint is dragging.

At the same time this court was the news many years ago. I have a ticket for the lottery. Make a dealer a lottery and try to catch fire. The environment is burnt ash. Private court without skin irritation. It is said that it was sacred at that time.

The court is now packed with a bank. The villagers in the area are supposed to have a lottery neck. If the lottery has to pay money. But so that, if you do, the money that is offered will be stolen by people. I used AGO. For this reason From the ordinary shrine. It was dubbed. "The Godfather Shrine" Simply & # 39; night

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