The Director General of the & # 39; Maung Thongdee & # 39; asked for the Thai nationality.

The Director General of the Royal Thai Armed Forces must send check sent to Chiang Mai approved

On August 24, Lt. Gene. Sun Boonyasopat, director general of the local administration department, said that the case of Mr. Tong Tongdee, a child of foreign workers, sought Thai citizenship. Ms. Tong Thongdee asked to consider the need to apply for Thai nationality by claiming. "Benefits for the country" in accordance with the resolution of the Cabinet on 7 December 2016 to apply for Thai citizenship. The Ministry of Administration has considered. Make sure the person meets the criteria. Can be Thai nationality. And to the Chiang Mai. Including Mr.

2. Steps to go on Mr. Tan Tongdee must apply for Thai citizenship in Muang District, Chiang Mai. By the home registration.

Lt. Sun. Have the story Must submit to the police to conduct a criminal history check. And the drug reports office of the Office for Drug Addiction 4. After receiving the results. Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai All documents must be submitted to the governor of Chiang Mai. Approve Thai citizenship. Then the Chiang Mai district. 13 digits from the central register and 5 from the central register 5. After receiving the 13-digit identification number from the central register. Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai Will Mr. Mang Thongdee inform to add his name to the home registration and then make his identity card.

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