The Director-General Welcome to the OTOP community.

Director-General, Community Development Department The Northern Region encourages PCH to solve the problem – Reduce social inequality. Introduce the path to success for the OTOP community Wat Wattana, Ban Tak to build a career for a sustainable community.

Yesterday (August 25) in Tak, mr. Apichart Totilkwatch Director General of the Community Development Department At the opening ceremony of the workshop on the supervision of the implementation of the 2nd quarterly audit offices, the upper northern provinces 1-2 and the lower northern provinces. During 24-24 August 2018, Mr. Charoenrit Sansanapat, Branch Governor, Mr. Sinchai Thanomsom, Superintendent of the Ministry of Community Development and management Delegates attended the meeting. The target group consists of: provincial development company group leader and community development academics. There are 298 people in 17 researched provinces in 17 provinces, organized at Viang Branch River Hotel, Muang District, Tak Province.

Mr. Apichart said that this meeting to check the results of the implementation of the inspection. Can be driven by government policy. Ministry of the Interior Department of Community Development Other tasks assigned to achieve the goal are worth the cost of performing the task. Follow the principles of good governance. It is also a forum for exchanging learning experiences from regional administrators. And to keep track of the progress of driving. The mission of the Department of Community Development is to achieve the goals.

"The Department expects the attendees Can the management approach lead to the development of community development To achieve the objectives of the government policy and the strategy of the Department for Community development To reduce the strength of the community, you reduce the inequality and the happiness of the people in the future, "said Mr. Apichart.

This meeting has defined three topics: 1. Effective fund management for the role development of women. 2. Development of human resources 3. The development of the province. Supported speakers are the director of the Women Development Fund Director or Staff Division and the Inspectorate.

Mr. Apichart and his delegation visited the OTOP community project in Wat Kad Dawt, Tambon Tak and Tambon Ban Tak and advised on the operation of the OTOP community project. Tak Wattana Tak was successful according to the government goals.

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