The foolish man! I do not want to reconcile the old burnt house.

I do not know what to do. I do not want to eat again. I do not know what to do.

At 10 am on 10 September, Phatthi Thitisiram, the head of the Klaeng Rayong police station, was informed of a fire in the area of ​​5 meters. I'm not sure if this is the case.

On arrival on the spot. It seems that the queue has disappeared. The fire burned the wooden house, 8 meters wide, 12 meters long, but left the house. The house was soaked with water that helped the villagers to extinguish the fire. Property in the house was burnt black damaged. Even clothing does not remain.

Miss Panuddee Sustainable 39-year-old homeowner cries. Two young cousins ​​slept in their cribs at the house, the founder was Narong Taiyoshi, 42, a former husband who split up a few months ago. Try to ask for conciliation before the accident. But I'm not talking. And not reconciled because of the behavior with the past. I have a mouth. Narong pretended to be wounded and walked away from home to relatives. That is not expected. Ex-man used a lighter fire point with a piece of paper and burned the house until the fire flared up. The villagers saw shouts to extinguish the fire. But not Because the fire has risen, a house built with wood quickly. Scattered throughout the house I saw the property burn in the fire. The rhythm to escape quickly.

Preliminary assessment of damage Unlikely to be lower than 300,000 baht because the house was burned after possession, clothing as well as electrical appliances. All damage at home The villagers help shelter. He also gave clothing to Miss Panu Rudi and children to make true. Coordinate with the relevant authorities to provide further assistance.

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