The Great Massacre & # 39; Mano Thitikan retreats as a speaker at "Multicultural Society on Difference & # 39; on 13 October.

1 October 61 – Manop Puttan, singer, musician, former music channel on television And make music magazines. Currently a radio presenter. Post a message on page Manoj Putt Tan on 28 Sep ago that.

I would like to announce breaking news

I was approached by a speaker. I'm not sure if this is the case. But then I know that the name of the job. inappropriate

In addition, the organizer made the photo of my face to publish that the action of the organizers is random. I do not have permission and no part.

I retire as a teacher and claim that I am not involved in this work.

Let's get to know each other.

The Drama addict page has been shared and the post has been posted.

Well, that's you, Mano. I saw the posters, working titles and the day was exactly like that. I think that is not deliberate what the inadequacy of the organizers will be. I do not want to go to the dramatic bowl.

For the posters it was revealed that Mr. Weir Suthavetsi or Suleen Full were outrageous in the case of previous religions.

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