The hermaphrodite hermit crabs frighten you into the stressful home. Must find a psychiatrist

Head of Sisaket Child Care Take a recluse The parents find that a psychiatrist heals the heart, stress, insomnia, the cord around the wrist. The monster followed the attack on the father of hermit.

In the case of parents, the 17-year-old daughter was reported to the police after being sued by Mr. Suesith Ponsak who was handicapped. And a figure. The remedy is a hermit. Rape in a resort. Sisaket Road – Khukhan District, Muang District, Si Sa Ket The incident took place between 26 and 27 August 2061 with the threat of Telltale. Do you want to die for the whole family? Later, Mr. Surasit has surrendered And then there is a confession. Have up to 4 sex with 17 real girls, but women do not listen. The news has already been offered.

On 5 September 2018 Miss Jatujana, head of the children's and family home Sisaket, revealed that the children and families of the Sisaket province had three children, parents and daughters. The victim was cared for. Since August 30, 2018, because the three suffer. I do not sleep, I have to tie the wire around my wrist. To protect the demons that will follow. And it is believed that the grandfather will do nothing badly. In the nursing home. The authorities have confidence. Take the rehabilitation therapy.

The next day The staff was taken to the Sisaket hospital. To assess the health of stress. On the second day we started to sleep better, to eat and during the process our thoughts were closely watched and the children were encouraged to stand up to speak the truth. This process

Mr. Sakda Ponsak, president of the Tambon Administration Organization, said that Mr. Suasit or the villagers call the grandfather of the fire as disabled. Self-help The victim was informed that he was personally violated. Surasit himself Can not do anything Why do not you take him to a place? I will not be in the other person.

The condition of this disabled person. What can I do? Must have someone to deliver or bring it. His body can not go to the chase to catch the hug. But sex is important. It is normal for every person to breathe.

The medal of the father of Mr. Surasit. The sweeping of the grass in the temple said briefly. Let's stop the interview. Because the case came to court. To speak in court I do not say anything else at home.

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