– The jungle hastens to find aunt 65 years old to find bamboo shoots in the wild.

Sunday, September 2, 2018, 22.02

I want to find aunt 65 years old.
I went looking for bamboo shoots in the forest and then lost.

Deputy Director General of the Royal Forest Department Rice – Dried food and drinks for forest guards. At the intersection of the carpets to speed up the search, the 65-year-old aunt went out to find bamboo shoots in the forest and then fell into 4

Lampang: On September 2, 2561, Mr. Jareesun Nontawong, Deputy Director General of the Royal Forestry Department Chukiat Pongsiriwan, Director of Forest Resources Management Office No. 3 (Lampang) With rice, dried fruit, grapefruit and energy drinks for forest protection personnel on 7th Fl. (Mae Fah Luang). After integration with government agencies and agencies in Muang Pan District. Lampang was at the crossing looking for the missing person, Isabela Baha, 65 years old, living at 171 Moo 4 Tumbol, Amphoe Mueang, Lampang. Service is stupid and deaf Must communicate with the hand language In search of bamboo shoots from the end of August 30, 2561 through the mountain Ridge Mountain Doi Huai Sak at the cemetery of the village. The distance is about 300 – 400 meters.

Mr. Jaree Nontawong, deputy director general of the Royal Forest Department, has ordered the head of the forest protection unit and foresters. Sutthip was accompanied by the 13th Provincial Police Reserves Administration, Lampang Police Station 32, Chaengwattana Police Station, Department of Administration, Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, District 10, To lay the carpet to speed up the search to find the fastest. They must be careful in their duties. Due to recent searches only bags of bamboo and Tracks

In this respect, Deputy Director General of Forestry. All officers were seized by General Surasak Kanchanarat, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment. Island and people are trapped in the wrong direction.) 3 Practice (trade immediately when you are in capacity) Work with other parts Relevant and practiced by the public network.)

Mr. Songpol Sawasdee, the Governor of Lampang, said he had ordered the Muang sheriff Request from the relevant agencies for further support. And sniffing the dog from the 32nd Phayao to help the mission detect the scent and find the forest. The villagers in the village. The neighboring village and the village chief. They brought money and food to donate to follow her skin. Running.

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